5 Samsung Galaxy S8 Problems and Their Fixes

With the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus in the market, there is a revolutionary change in the tech market. This is because of the incredible features that make up the Galaxy S8 the best smartphone of the year…. so far.

5 Samsung Galaxy S8 Problems and Their Fixes | galaxy-s8-problems-fixes

With all these positive sides, Samsung Galaxy S8, unfortunately, has some downsides too, that have crept up its users since across its launch. Ranging from the reports of the red tinted screen to Wi-Fi connection problems, a number of reports have shown that the phone has some issues that need fixes for sure. Although Samsung has announced to fix those issues with a software update soon, but until then, you can try the following fixes for its reported issue.

Some Reported Galaxy S8 Problems and How To Fix Them

Here’s a look at some most reported problems with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and their fixes.

1: Red Tinted Screens on Galaxy S8 / Plus

Soon after the users get their pre-ordered Samsung Galaxy S8 at their doorsteps, a number of users have been complaining about the red tint appearing on the screen, that doesn’t seem to be causing by a particular app. But it is reported that this problem is caused by the hardware or software issue, that can only be fixed by the update that Samsung is going to roll out soon. However, until then, you can try the following fix:

Fix: This fix would not actually fix the red tinted screen of your Galaxy S8, but you can give it a try. Head towards “Display Settings” and “Color Balance”. Adjust the color balance from there manually. If this fix doesn’t work, wait for the upcoming software update.

2: Wi-Fi Connection Problems on Galaxy S8 / Plus

Some users also reported that they are experiencing with the Wi-Fi connection problems. The wireless connectivity once drops out, do not come back on for no reason. This is quite a big problem for those who love to surf and use social media over a Wi-Fi network.

Fix: It is better to check your Wi-Fi network first, before claiming any issue to the company. Turn off the router for 10 seconds and after that, turn it on. If that doesn’t fix the issue, try rebooting your device and make sure that you have disabled the “Power Saving Mode”.

Also, you can forget the network and again connect it to troubleshoot any problem the device is facing with your network.

3: Wireless Charging Issue on Galaxy S8 / Plus

This is another common issue with the new Samsung galaxy S8, that most of the users have reported. According to them, the wireless charging doesn’t work, even if they are using the branded Samsung’s charging pad. Some users reported that the phone give the warning “charging paused” and fails to resume after.

Fix: Unfortunately, Samsung hasn’t announced any fix for this issue, but it is expected that this issue would be resolved after the update. However, you can try rebooting your device if this happens to you.  This will definitely fix the issue for once, at least.

4: Auto-Rotate not Working on Galaxy S8 / Plus

Well, this is another issue that the owners of Samsung Galaxy S8 are facing since they have bought one. It is reported that the auto-rotating function of their phones isn’t working, despite having the option enabled from the settings.

Fix: According to the experts, it is suggested that this issue might be caused by any rogue third party app. So for this, you may need to uninstall such apps. Moreover, you can also boot the device in Safe mode. A temporary patch can be provided by downloading an app “Rotation Control” from the Play Store that will let you perform the rotation any time you need.

5: Google Launcher not working on Galaxy S8 / Plus

This one is really an issue. Most of the users complain that the Google Launcher don’t work and it does not appear in the app drawer or home screens as well.

Fix: For this, you need to opt for another app launcher like Nova instead of the Google Launcher. Moreover, the non-functionality of the Google Launcher seems because of the Secure Folder. If you are okay with that, uninstall the app and then you will be able to use the Google Launcher.

So, you can’t do much with the issues occurring in the Samsung Galaxy S8, other than to wait for the Samsung to roll an update for them. However, we have rounded up the potential fixes that can definitely help you to address them.

5 Samsung Galaxy S8 Problems and Their Fixes | frank-tyler-samsung-fan-club

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