Top 5 Positive Points / Pros of Samsung Galaxy S8 / Plus

Samsung Galaxy S8 is now officially launched and it has a number of amazing features that Samsung has boasted right. Ranging from its infinity display to its futuristic virtual assistant – Bixby, from its biometric features to DeX Dock, every feature seems to be revolutionary, thus, making S8’s flagship to be remarkable for the year 2017.

Top 5 Positive Points / Pros of Samsung Galaxy S8 / Plus | samsung-galaxy-s8-plus-pros-postive-points

5 Positive Points / Pros of Samsung Galaxy S8 / Plus

Recently, we have posted about the negatives of Samsung Galaxy S8, but to justify the Galaxy’s popularity, we are now writing about the positives that Samsung Galaxy S8 incorporates. So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready for the ride to incredible features of Samsung Galaxy S8.


1: Samsung Galaxy S8’s Design

When it comes to the design of Samsung Galaxy S8, it comes second to none. For the first time in the history of smartphones, Samsung introduced a larger screen with almost no bezels on its tips and of course, it is surprisingly narrow. The design of the phone is just comfortable to fit in the hands. Everyone, who have seen the design of this new flagship from South Korean giant is impressed and appreciates the work of Samsung, this year.

2: Infinity Display of Galaxy S8 / Plus

The second thing that seemed to be most interesting is the display of the Samsung galaxy S8. Samsung, with the completely re-designed design of the phone, has done so many modifications in its display as well. The display of the Samsung Galaxy S8/ S8+ offers the Super AMOLED screen with the higher resolution, which produces much better and brighter color and image. The display of this phone is such a delight to see.

3: Bixby Voice Assistant has got Potential

Although we have highlighted in the negatives that Bixby is limited and needs some work, but its voice assistant feature has really got something extraordinary. Through this feature, the owners would be able to give the commands to the phone only via talking. This feature is not at the launch in the UK, but it is expected to launch in the US later this month.

4: Battery Life of Galaxy S8 / Plus

I know Samsung has issues with the batteries of its previous phones such as Note 7, but the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus lasts much longer than other phones on a single charge. Moreover, its wireless charging feature is worth mentioning here.

5: Plenty of Customization options in Galaxy S8 / Plus

Samsung owes this with its every phone in the market. Yet with the Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung brings multiple customization options that can bring ease to the users. You can modify the battery usage; change the behavior of the apps on the big screen, video-capturing customization, aspect ratio customization and much more. It’s almost overwhelming. You can explore and Download Best Apps and Games for Samsung Galaxy S7 / S8 / Plus on our website, to customize your smartphone in an excellent way.


With all these features and more, Galaxy S8 is arguably the best smartphone for most of the users.

Top 5 Positive Points / Pros of Samsung Galaxy S8 / Plus | frank-tyler-samsung-fan-club

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