How to Use Galaxy S7 As Wireless Mouse Touchpad & Keyboard For PC?

With the latest innovation in technology, you can now even do things that you haven’t imagined of doing before. Have you ever imagined controlling your laptop or PC by sitting on a distant cushion with the help of your smartphone? Nah? But now you can imagine as you can do it with the help of such smart apps.

When it comes to controlling Laptop or Computer, you mean full-fledged controlling with the help of Mouse. There are number of powerful Wi-Fi remote mouse apps that allow you manage your PCs without any hassle. If you are looking for such apps for your Galaxy S7, then have a look at the list of our top picks of Galaxy S7 Edge Mouse Touchpad apps.

First you will need to install any one of the following app and then you will have to install a server app on your Windows Computer / Laptop. Then you can easily connect the client on mobile with the server on your windows pc. Prior to this article I had also shared Best Galaxy S7 Edge Remote Desktop Apps, which also allow you to control your PC wirelessly totally from another country or destination.

How to Use Galaxy S7 As Wireless Mouse Touchpad & Keyboard For PC? | wireless-mouse-wireless-keyboard-samsung-galaxy-s7-edge-pc

Top 3 Apps To Convert Galaxy S7 Edge into Wireless Mouse Touchpad & Keyboard

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How to Block a Number on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge / Galaxy S8?

Although there are tons of apps on the Play Store that can help the user to block calls and messages from unwanted or unknown numbers, still, most of the people are asking for the ways through which they can block a number of their Galaxy S7 / Galaxy S8 without having to download apps from the store. Though we had also covered up Top 5 Best Galaxy S7 Call Block Apps, to stop annoying calls.

Well, as a matter of fact, there are number of bogus apps on the Play store that can congest the memory of the phone without offering any benefit. That is the reason, why I am here to help you with the guide through which you can block any number you want from your Galaxy S7 Edge / Galaxy S8.

How to Block a Number on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge / Galaxy S8? | block-number-galaxy-s7-edge-galaxy-s8-without-apps

Simple Steps for Blocking a Number on Samsung Galaxy S7 / Galaxy S8

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5 Data Recovery Apps to Recover Galaxy S10 Deleted Files

Accidently lost your data from Galaxy S10 or S10 Plus? Want to Recover Lost Data From Galaxy S10 Plus? No need to worry at all. It happens to most of us that we accidently lose our most important data from our mobile phones. Either the data is in the form of the messages, contacts, notes, pictures, videos or presentations, you can recover them easily.

5 Data Recovery Apps to Recover Galaxy S10 Deleted Files | data-recovery-galaxy-s7-edge-recover-deleted-files-samsung-galaxy-s7-edge

Yes. There are a number of techniques through which you can recover all your important data from your mobile phone. Thanks be to IT professionals who have made the solution to one of the biggest problem of ours. With the increased technology, the professionals in Information Technology have devised the applications and software through which you can get back all the data that you had lost accidently or due to some error.

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How to Connect Galaxy S10 Plus With TV Screen in 3 Ways?

Samsung finally offers the screen sharing feature in its very own Samsung Galaxy S10 flagship. Whether you want to connect to your TV, monitor, and projector and want to enjoy game, videos or pictures on a big screen, Samsung Galaxy S8 is the thing that you need.

How to Connect Galaxy S10 Plus With TV Screen in 3 Ways? | gakaxy-s8-plus-connect-with-tv-screen-cast-mirroring

Wondering how to connect your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus with TV or monitor? Here’s how! We are going to share the methods through which you can connect your phone with the huge screen. You can choose the best method for you!

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How To Fix Galaxy S8 Plus “DQA Keeps Stopping” Error Message?

It’s been a day that Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are out in public and the users who had pre-ordered their phones on Verizon and T-Mobile have received their brand new Samsung phones. Fortunately, the phone’s got potential but unfortunately, users have started to face a problem which is quite frustrating. Galaxy S8 / Plus users had also faced sudden rebooting and red tint AMOLED display issues.


I am talking about that “DQA keeps stopping” error message that pops up when the users turn on the Wi-Fi of their devices. This issue has been reported by a number of users on social media and that’s a reason why we are writing this post. As this is the new error being associated with a new phone, a single conclusive fix doesn’t seem to be found. So we have come up with all the possible fixes that can repair the annoying “DQA keeps stopping” error.

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How to Create, Edit, Delete, WhatsApp Status Updates on Galaxy S7 / Edge?

With the technology in its full swing, WhatsApp turned 8, a few days back. WhatsApp is one of the most amazing and popular social media applications today, and that is the reason, it unleashes a cool new feature every year.

Previously, WhatsApp remained in the highlights due to its free Video calling feature, now the story is not different. Now the app has moved away from the text messages and relies much more heavily on sharing photos, videos and GIFs. I am talking about its new Status Update – the ephemeral status update that is being used by Snapchat and Instagram already. So, if you just updated your WhatsApp and need to know everything about it, here’s the guide to follow:

How to Add a Status on WhatsApp from Galaxy S7 / Edge?

In order to create an ephemeral status update on your Galaxy S7, you need to make sure that you have a latest version of WhatsApp installed in your phone. Now, you need to follow the following steps to create WhatsApp status:

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Top 5 Best Fixes To Improve Galaxy S8’s Battery Life Problems

Okay! Let’s face it. Samsung Galaxy S8 isn’t the smartphone with the finest battery. It just packs a battery borrowed from its ancestor and that is the only domain in the whole Galaxy S8, where it lacks. Although, the phone seems to be great that houses the most futuristic features, but unfortunately, the battery life of this phone is not the best thing that can help you in need.

Top 5 Best Fixes To Improve Galaxy S8’s Battery Life Problems | Battery-tips-tricks-s-hedr

You might find the battery life of the Samsung’s new flagship to be great for a while, but after some time when you load up your phone with multiple apps of your choice, you might find it draining back. However, to provide you with the great Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus experience, we have a handful of tips that can fix the battery life problems of your new phone. We had also covered Top 5 Best Battery Saving Apps for Galaxy S7 / Edge / S8 / Plus.

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How To Use Dual Speakers For Music on Galaxy S7 & Edge?

Today at S7 Fan Club, we are coming up with an excellent guide for Rooted Galaxy S7 SM-G930F and Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G935F, which enables the function of Dual Speakers for Music on your Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone. This mod basically enhances the volume of call speaker and it feels like a surround sound. Dual Stereo Speakers will work and you will feel huge difference in earphones volume. Credit of this Volume & Surround Mod goes to zubi182 from XDA-Developers Forum.

How To Use Dual Speakers For Music on Galaxy S7 & Edge? | galaxy-s7-volume-surround-mod-root-edge-samsung-s7fanclub

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