Top 4 Negative Points / Cons of Samsung Galaxy S8 / Plus

Samsung’s new flagship – Galaxy S8 has all the hallmarks of being one of the best smartphones of 2017. Its excellent design and incredible features are the few things that need mention when we talk about the futuristic smartphones. However, there are few things that need some work in Galaxy S8 and could be even better for the new Galaxy’s version this year.

Top 4 Negative Points / Cons of Samsung Galaxy S8 / Plus | samsung-galaxy-s8-plus-downsides-cons-negative-points

Considering all the features of the Galaxy S8 closely, we have listed a few shortcomings of the Galaxy S8 that can be polished to become the absolute best phone of the year.

Top 4 Negative Points of Samsung Galaxy S8 / Plus

Although Samsung has improved much with its new flagship in the tech market, but the well- documented issues faced by the Note 7 are still coming in the way of this company. Although, these issues are not expected to be in its mega project of S-Line, however, there are boundaries for this flagship too. From the deep analysis of the features of Samsung galaxy S8, here are some negatives that can make you change your decision of buying these phones.

1: Odd Fingerprint Sensor Location on Galaxy S8 / Plus

No matter what Samsung explain about it, it will still remain the odd placement for the fingerprint scanner. Not that the fingerprint scanner is located at the back of the phone, the rear placement is just fine, but it’s where on the back it is located – too high up to reach. I think LG should get the credit for placing the fingerprint scanner in the right place, but Samsung has screwed it up. You should be going too high up the phone to reach. Many people and tech dudes agreed to it too and that’s not good for the Galaxy S8.

2: Limitations of Bixby in Galaxy S8 / Plus

Although it’s Bixby that is distinctive from other virtual assistants, but still, it comes with a number of potential problems that can question the credibility of Samsung. Bugs, third-party support, and android fragmentation are some of its problems that need to be worked. No doubt, Bixby is in its infancy and Samsung claims that there is more functionality coming over time. But for now, Bixby is incomplete and that can make the phone messing up.

3: No Major Improvements in Camera of Galaxy S8 / Plus

Samsung has redefined the camera of Samsung galaxy S8, but there are not that many improvements as were expected. The camera of this phone has borrowed the same pixels from its previous version and its interface is also largely like before. There are no new modes and filters in the camera, but there’s an addition of smooth video recording feature. As with the iPhone 7’s camera, people were expecting more from the Galaxy S8 flagship’s camera. Make sure to check out best camera apps for galaxy s8 plus and galaxy s7 edge.

4: Face Recognition can be tricked with a Picture on Galaxy S8 / Plus

Before the launching ceremony of the Samsung galaxy S8, the company had boasted much for its biometric features. But contrary to the claims, the facial recognition feature seemed to not to be much secure as it has already been tricked with a photo. This vulnerability was present in the Google’s Face Unlock system. It is suggested to not to use this feature to lock your phone, as it is no secure-er than a pin or password.

Although these are some of the downsides of the Samsung Galaxy S8, still, it would be the best smartphone of the year for most of the users, just like its previous flagships. What do you think about the Galaxy S8? Share your views with us in the comments section.

Top 4 Negative Points / Cons of Samsung Galaxy S8 / Plus | frank-tyler-samsung-fan-club

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