3 Solid Reasons To Wait Before Buying Samsung Galaxy S8 / Plus

Samsung Galaxy S8 / Plus is already released and that’s what makes the Android nerds desperate. Whenever the new quirky smartphone hits the market, there are a number of people who always wonder whether they should buy the phone right away or to wait for others’ reaction and review. And considering this time, these smartphones are from Samsung, this is what you should recall before getting to any firm decision.

3 Solid Reasons To Wait Before Buying Samsung Galaxy S8 / Plus | samsung-galaxy-s8-plus-wait-before-buy

Last year, with the release of the Note 7, Samsung killed its market as the phones overheated and several of them caught fire. Moreover, Samsung’s also not free from battery claims and manufacturing problems as well.

So, here are some facts that made it clear to wait for the Galaxy S8 / Plus:

Why You Should Wait Before Buying Samsung Galaxy S8 / Plus

Shopper electronics specialists determined the following reasons and mentioned it to best to wait for the Samsung’s new flagship:

1: New Design of Galaxy S8 / Plus

Although, there’s a step forward from Samsung in the world of technology by re-designing the whole new Samsung Galaxy, but still, there are some issues with this design. The unveiling ceremony of the Galaxy S8 revealed that there’s a large screen of 5.8” with the bezel-less display on the front and chin, with no physical home button. Moreover, the fingerprint sensor for the unlocking feature on the back side of the phone can also be an issue for the South Korean Giant.

Several product reviewers claimed that the facial recognition feature of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is not secure, as it can be tricked easily by using the photo of the phone owner. Moreover, its fingerprint sensor that is placed on the side of the camera can bump it easily that can also be problematic. It’s worth mentioning that Galaxy S8 / Plus have got the most fragile and easy to break display.

A Samsung spokesman itself mentioned that the facial recognition feature is less secure than fingerprint reader or other unlocking techniques – pin, passwords or iris scanning.

2: Bixby and Camera are Unfinished in Galaxy S8 / Plus

Some of the key features of Galaxy S8 that Samsung boasts off, aren’t finished completely yet and would not be launched in the United States till later this spring. Bixby – the virtual assistant of the Samsung that is similar to the Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and Google’s Assistant. However, there are some features that make Bixby distinctive from them is that it can perform various functions like streaming particular video, taking photographs, that other assistants can’t do.

However, Samsung mentioned that there are some parts of Bixby that can be out there on Day 1, but Bixby Voice options couldn’t be launched within the US. Moreover, the camera of the phone consists of some neat features, but its single lens camera is not worth it.

3: Safety Records of Samsung

The most important reason – Samsung’s safety records aren’t much trustable after the debacle with the Note 7. Although Samsung mentioned that the company has developed Eight- point battery security examine to avoid the battery explosion, still, this should not be trusted.

3 Solid Reasons To Wait Before Buying Samsung Galaxy S8 / Plus | samsung-galaxy-s8-plus-wait-before-buy-usa

So, due to these reasons, it is recommended to all the people looking to get Samsung Galaxy S8 right away, to wait for 3 months to see if these phones have been secure to purchase.

3 Solid Reasons To Wait Before Buying Samsung Galaxy S8 / Plus | frank-tyler-samsung-fan-club

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