Difference Between Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus: Which One to Buy?

Although it is always thought that there’s a competition between the two super smartphone companies – Apple and Samsung. But in reality, the two versions that the company introduces simultaneously also brings a tough competition for each other. As Samsung has just introduced its Samsung Galaxy S8 flagship. There is much discussion around what’s the difference in the two versions– S8 and S8 Plus and which one they should buy as they both are seemed to be the successor of S7. Make sure to check out the Comparison of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs. Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus.

Difference Between Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus: Which One to Buy? | samsung-galaxy-s8-galaxy-s8-plus

So to give you a clear image of what’s the difference between the two phones, I am here. By knowing the difference, you would be capable of deciding which one to buy.

What is the Difference in Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus?

You might have read on several sources that Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is just a regular S8 phone with the larger screen. But this is not the fact. Although there are a number of similar features in both the phones, but still, they have got the major differences to be called S8 Plus and S8. The differences in both these phones lie in:

1: Screens – Samsung Galaxy S8 vs. Galaxy S8 Plus

If you are thinking that Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus would differ as of the S7 and S7 Edge, you are at fault. The edge-d display isn’t the case this year, perhaps that’s the reason Samsung has ditched the name Edge in this year’s flagship. Although the screens of both the phones are made of similar technology – Super AMOLED and have the widescreen aspect ratio of 18.5:9 with 1,440 x 2,960 resolution, still, the phones are different. The main difference of the phones lies in the sizes of the screen as Samsung Galaxy S8 has 5.8” display while the S8 Plus version has got a larger screen size of 6.2”.

So, if you are looking to ditch your previous phone for a larger screen. You ought to go with the larger sibling.

2: Batteries – Galaxy S8 vs. Galaxy S8 Plus

The difference other than screens is in Batteries that the two siblings from S8 flagship have got. The battery is the biggest difference between both the phones. And it will also influence the choice of yours while choosing which one to buy. Samsung Galaxy S8 packs a battery cell of 3,000mAh while the larger phone has got a larger battery that is of 3,500mAh juice pack. Moreover, both the handsets support fast charging USB-C port with the wireless charging capability as well, that’s what the future might look like.

3: Prices – Samsung Galaxy S8 vs. Galaxy S8 Plus

As there’s a minor difference in the two Samsung Galaxy S8’s, still, both of the phones cost a fortune. The larger one is going to come with the price tag of $825. While its little sibling is going to cost $720. Both of these prices are calculated without SIM and unlocked. By adding that would make most expensive phones in the Android history.

Besides these 3 differences, both the phones pack similar features ranging from OS power to the camera pixels. The biometric features are also similar between the two versions. If you are just looking to upgrade your phone with maximal features and less price. Samsung Galaxy S8 would be the best option but if you want to have a larger phone with relatively larger battery life. S8 Plus is made for you!

So now that you have the information regarding both the phones, which one should you buy? Do share your views in the comments below.

Make sure to check out the Comparison of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs. Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus.

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