How To Turn Galaxy S8 into Desktop Computer With Samsung DeX Dock?

The new S8 flagship from Samsung has won millions of hearts even before its introduction in the market due to its amazing Infinity Screen and contextually aware virtual assistant – Bixby. Not only this, one of the major reason of the huge fanfare of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus is its new Dock accessory, that is claimed to turn your phone device into a whole new PC.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Dex Dock Turns S8 Into Desktop PC

DeX dock turns the Samsung Galaxy S8 into a desktop PC

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So wondering what this Samsung DeX Dock has to offer you? Check out the features of Samsung Desktop Accessory and how it works:

Samsung’s DeX Dock and How you Can Use It to Turn your Galaxy S8 into a PC

The best part of this accessory – Samsung Desktop Experience (DeX) dock is that it has the ability to run all the productivity software just like any of the other PC including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Although, Motorola and Microsoft are also among the companies who have tried to turn the phone device into PC, but Samsung is the only one to put basic efforts in turning a phone into a PC successfully.image003-9448498

The specialized DeX Dock looks like just a candle holder or a hockey puck into which, you have to put your Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus via HDMI. The accessory supports the monitor connection, Ethernet port, external mouse, and keyboard as well along with the two USB ports to expand the device’s capabilities. Moreover, in order to make its performance satisfactory, the DeX Dock also consists of the embedded cooling fan, which helps to keep the Samsung Galaxy S8 cool while you are using it with your monitor and a power USB – C port. The secret to the DeX Dock from Samsung is that it purely runs on the powerful 10nm processor on the Galaxy S8 that makes this sort of slick functionality possible.

The desktop mode of the Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with the app drawer on the side and it supports Android apps as well along with the full-fledged access to notifications. Samsung has redesigned its whole User Interface so that it can work well when attached to keyboard and mouse.

Samsung boasts that this desktop experience using Galaxy S8 would work similar to Microsoft display Dock and will allow the users to leave their computers and PCs behind. Moreover, Samsung Company also purported that the accessory would support Google Play Store, new Chromebooks and the users will be able to resize the windows, instead of just having the mirror image of their mobile screens. Not only this, Samsung has partnered with the virtual desktop solutions including Citrix, Amazon, VMware and Knox Security Platform. Samsung claimed that this expanded partnership will benefit the business persons to remain productive and experience the next level desktop experience without using a real PC.


Since the Samsung DeX Dock mimics the action of the Samsung Galaxy S8 as well as the Desktop Computer, the users will get advantage from the Security features as well like the facial recognition, iris scanning as well.

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So you can get the power of a PC from your handy mobile S8 without having a burden of carrying laptop or tablet. Just connect the two accessories and you are good to go!

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