5 Reasons Why Samsung Has Opted for USB Type C Port in Galaxy S8?

With the start of the New Year, we are expecting the new grand flagship of the Samsung, Galaxy S8 release this month of April, 2017. With this, rumors are still hitting the tech news divulging what this grand phone from Samsung would feature and look like.

The latest news that is flashing the tech news world is whether the Galaxy S8 would come with the USB Type – C Port or not? Well, the fact is the Samsung is still to unveil the look and features of the phone at the Mobile World Congress 2017 and it’s only then when we can get to hear all the details about this next generation phone officially.

5 Reasons Why Samsung Has Opted for USB Type C Port in Galaxy S8? | microusb-usb-type-c-galaxy-s8

However, according to our resources and most of the other trusted tech websites that Samsung Galaxy S8 is going to opt the USB Type C Port, which is not new, at all, after the Galaxy Note 7. Unfortunately, Galaxy Note 7 had to meet the early demise, but as expected, Galaxy S8 would never carry the culture forward.

If this news is correct, the Galaxy S8 is going to be the most advanced next generation phone, like the ones HTC One M10 and LG G5. For me, supporting this feature is absolutely a requirement for the Galaxy S8. Here’s why..

Why Samsung S8 Has to Opt for USB Type – C Port?

Let’s look at the reasons why USB Type – C Port should be included in Samsung S8:

1: Fast Charging

Regardless to mention, in this modern era, the only thing that we need for our phones is fast charging. That is what Samsung S8 is going to provide the users with the inclusion of USB Type- C Port in this new flagship that is capable of delivering power at significantly greater rat, than any other thing. As claimed, this port can take the battery life from 0 percent to 30 percent, in a short time, as much as 30 minutes. So opting this advanced feature in the S8 won’t make it any bad.

2: Faster Transfer Speed

Transfer speed matter a lot, especially if you are an office person. You might come across many situations in which you have to transfer your documents and files from one device to another. And with the microUSB, you definitely need to require hours to make this transfer. But if Galaxy S8 has opted USB Type-C Port that means you would transfer your files from a device to another within a matter of seconds.

3: Removal of Audio Jack

The inclusion of the USB Type – C Port in the phone clearly means the removal of the audio jack on the device. Famously, Apple has removed its headphone jack in its iPhone 7 and that could be another reason why Samsung has opted the USB Type C Port in their new flagship to make it competent in the market and to live up the expectations of the customers, wirelessly. However Galaxy S8 will still have 3.5 MM Audio jack in addition to USB Type C Port.

4: Future – Proof

Another reason why Samsung would have opted for the USB Type C port in their new flagship is that this is simply the future. Many people who want fast charging or fast transfer speeds with microUSB have to gather a mess of wires that can help them to do so. But the inclusion of Type C port in the phone means no mess of wires, no wait and no pain. Going wireless is actually the key to future.

5: Samsung Gear VR

The primary reason why Samsung hadn’t opted for Type C port in the Galaxy S7 and its sibling is because of the increasing VR technology. This created much dismay among the consumers and Android lovers, but this seems with the introduction of new Samsung Galaxy Virtual Reality Headset consumer edition, the company is trying to make up their customers’ interest with the addition of USB Type –C Port in Galaxy S8.

5 Reasons Why Samsung Has Opted for USB Type C Port in Galaxy S8? | frank-tyler-samsung-fan-club

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