Top 8 Best & Beautiful Galaxy S8 Render Images

galaxy-s8-graphics-artist-concept-image2b252832529-4640814Samsung Galaxy S8 will be the next big thing, that Samsung will announce after Mobile World Congress Event in their own separate event that will be held in April 2017. There are lots of speculations about the upcoming beast from Samsung, that is Galaxy S8. It is worth noting that Samsung is very much cautious this time, due to it’s Note 7 Failure Saga of Explosions.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Dual Edge

We as customers expect that Samsung will be coming up with something out of the box, and for that, Samsung will have to make sure that quality of Galaxy S8 will be top notch and there won’t be any such scandals related with it in the future. Earlier there was speculation that Samsung will remove 3.5mm audio jack from Galaxy S8, but now Samsung is not going to do any such thing, that can backfire from it’s fans.
galaxy-s8-graphics-artist-concept-image2b252812529-1729585Samsung will remove the it’s home button from the bottom bezel of Galaxy S8. Looking around the sides, we find the alleged dedicated button for launching Samsung’s new virtual assistant Bixby on the left, USB-C port at the bottom. Given that the camera is expected to stay largely unchanged from the already pretty good S7 shooter, contrary to the previous rumors of a dual-cam setup, it’s not hard to believe the shape and placement of the lens, LED flash, and heart rate monitor as well.

Top 8 Best & Beautiful Galaxy S8 Render Images

Just below you can have a look on beautiful Galaxy S8 render images created by kingwaylee. They are looking just awesome. What do you guys think about them? Let us know in the comments section below.

Top 8 Best & Beautiful Galaxy S8 Render Images | frank-tyler-samsung-fan-club

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