Shocking: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs. Galaxy S8+ Battery Life

The 8th generation of Samsung Galaxy Note that is Galaxy Note 8 is in its infancy and the Samsung freaks are doing everything to get its insider and its news. Well, if you are one those company’s enthusiast, you might have definitely come across a number of its leaks and rumors about its different features, prices, and release date. What you might not have noticed till now is its battery size and the comparison with the previous flagship of Samsung – Galaxy S8+.

So here we had got that covered exclusively just for you. If you are looking forward to that comparison, here we go!

The Battery Comparison between Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs. Galaxy S8+

Shocking: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs. Galaxy S8+ Battery Life | galaxy-note-8-battery-life-vs-galaxy-s8-plus

No denial of the fact that Samsung offers the best smartphones with the futuristic technologies and features to its fans, but still, there are some things in their flagships that leave their fans unimpressed. That is the same case with the upcoming device from Samsung – Galaxy Note 8.

The phone has got some really amazing features including:

  1. Bixby Voice – the virtual assistant that can respond to the voice commands of the user for a number of tasks. You have come across the capabilities of Bixby if you are a Samsung maniac, but if not, you can check our post where we mentioned a list of Bixby voice capabilities.
  2. Dual Camera – For the next level photography and unforgettable moments, Samsung is now going to offer Dual Camera, for the first time in its upcoming 8th generation of Galaxy Note.
  3. Iris Scanner – For the added security, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is borrowing the iris scanning feature from Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ and that is for the best.
  4. S-Pen Notes – The S- Pen is the new way to express yourself either with your notes of over thousands of pages or a single emoji. You can do the things with this feature of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 that matters.
  5. Wireless Charging – Bringing the futuristic feature of wireless charging technology, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the way to go wire- less.

Not only this, the performance of the phone has also boasted to enhance with the high-performing 10nm mobile processor and 6GB RAM. But what about its battery?

The Battery Life of Galaxy Note 8 vs. Galaxy S8 Plus

Well, many people having business on their phones are concerned about the battery life of Samsung Galaxy Note 8, just they were with the upcoming release of Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+. But to their dismay, with the increasing display sizes, Samsung seemed to decrease the battery sizes of their phones.

Unlike Samsung Galaxy S8+ that housed 3500mAh battery size, the Galaxy Note 8 is going to pack a 3,300mAh Battery to accommodate the Phablet new S-Pen. With the unveiling ceremony of Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the official battery stats for the phone has also released and as obvious, the battery life of Note 8 cannot match that of the Galaxy S8+.

Here’s what the stats and their comparison stated:

Activity Galaxy S8+ Galaxy Note 8
MP3 playback (AOD on) up to 50 hours up to 47 hours
MP3 playback (AOD off) up to 78 hours up to 74 hours
Video playback up to 18 hours up to 16 hours
Talk time up to 24 hours up to 22 hours
Internet use (3G) up to 13 hours up to 12 hours
Internet use (LTE) up to 15 hours up to 13 hours
Internet use (Wi-Fi) up to 15 hours up to 14 hours

Although the stats do not match the Samsung Galaxy S8+, but it comes close.

What do you think about the battery size of Samsung Galaxy Note 8? Do you think it will fulfill your battery needs? Or you will keep your Galaxy S8+ with you? Share your views with us in the comments below!

Shocking: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs. Galaxy S8+ Battery Life | frank-tyler-samsung-fan-club

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