Galaxy Note 8 Dual Camera Functions as DSLR with Bokeh Effect

Samsung might not be the one to offer the dual camera for the first time, but it stood second in the race. Here, we are talking about the Samsung’s upcoming flagship, Galaxy Note 8 that is going to unleash the dual camera feature for the enhanced photography experience for its users. If you are wondering what this dual camera feature of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 can do for you, have a look!

Galaxy Note 8 – A Dual Camera Beast

Galaxy Note 8 Dual Camera Functions as DSLR with Bokeh Effect | samsung-galaxy-note-8-dual-camera-e1503754077782

As a matter of fact, not only the dual camera of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is its breakthrough in the Android technology but it seems that Samsung has put the extra time for the good. In addition to the two rear cameras, the smartphone is also going to offer the twin 12 MP sensors with the wide angle lens and telephoto. Not only has this, with the Optical Image Stabilization on both rear cameras, Note 8 become the first smartphone in the world to offer this futuristic spec.

Well, if this is true, the dual camera feature of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is one of the most useful features among others including:

  1. Redefined S-Pen
  2. Updated Software
  3. Enhanced performance
  4. Improved display
  5. Smaller footprint

With this being said, with the fastest performance, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is set to take crisp, clear and amazing photos, even from the far distances and low light conditions, using its 2x optical and up to 10x digital zoom features.

One of the two cameras of the Note 8 works typically likes any other camera of any other smartphone by capturing color images in the typical fashion. But it is its second camera that makes Samsung Galaxy Note 8 better than any other camera. It adds the elements into the pictures and your photos that cannot be captured by any other primary camera.

The Mechanism

The dual camera of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 works by taking the two separate images at the same time when the user takes only a single photo. The built-in processing engine of the smartphone then combines both the photos and offer a high quality, clear photo without any noise and blur.

The Camera Modes

The modes of the camera in the Note 8 has also been improved and updated in order to provide the users with more effective and reliable images than ever.

The Live Focus Mode of the Note 8 enables the user to adjust the bokeh effect just like in DSLR. The control of the intensity, the colors and the aesthetic quality can also be adjusted using the live focus mode. This mode can also be applied to the photographs in the Gallery.

While it’s Dual Capture Mode makes its other features like the telephoto and rear wide- angle lenses work together to give a well- focused and the amazing pictures in the Gallery.

Galaxy Note 8 Camera – A Replacement to DSLR?

Galaxy Note 8 Dual Camera Functions as DSLR with Bokeh Effect | galaxy-note-8-camera-dual-e1503754132353

This means the camera of this Samsung Galaxy Note 8 can replace the DSLRs as it can give the same quality images and the clarity. Apart from the quality, the smartphone has borrowed some effects from DSLR for its users like the Bokeh effect that is used to enhance the aesthetic quality of the picture by blurring the background or the part of the image that is out of focus. This enables the subject to become prominent as the background becomes less of a distraction.

So what do you think of the Dual Camera of Samsung Galaxy Note 8? Is it offering justified features to spend a fortune of money? Let us know in the comments section below!

Galaxy Note 8 Dual Camera Functions as DSLR with Bokeh Effect | frank-tyler-samsung-fan-club

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