Samsung Might Launch Galaxy X Foldable Smartphone before Galaxy S10

The time of the year is here when Samsung’s new flagships are getting everybody’s attention. Whether it is regarding the release date of the upcoming flagship or the features that are rumored around. However, this year it is a bit different because we are not expected only a single flagship to hit the market shelves. Instead, there are also the rumors of another flagship that might hit the market even before the long-awaited Samsung Galaxy S10.

Which flagship we are talking about and what this flagship has to do with Samsung Galaxy S10? Curious to know? Read on!

It is Going to Be Two Flagships Instead of One Next Year

Samsung Might Launch Galaxy X Foldable Smartphone before Galaxy S10 | samsung-galaxy-x-foldable-samsung-smartphone

After all, it is the 10th anniversary of the Samsung Galaxy S series and fans of the South Korean Giant are expecting something big. So Samsung, just like always, comes to the screen with loads of surprises. Instead of one amazing S smartphone, Samsung has decided to launch two flagships in the upcoming year – One is Samsung Galaxy S10 and the other is Samsung Galaxy X.

What is Samsung Galaxy X Going to Look?

Well, the Samsung Galaxy X is definitely going to be a competitor for iPhone X as it is rumored to be a foldable smartphone that is going to pack tons of exciting other features. Because of its foldable technology, the Samsung Galaxy X phone is going to be the most innovative Android phone till date.

In addition to its foldable technology, the phone is rumored to pack everything extraordinary ranging from its size to battery, from performance to even camera. Here’s what you can expect from Samsung Galaxy X.

According to the rumors and leaks, the surprise edition from Samsung is going to feature:

  1. 5 inches phone that could fold out into an 8 inches tablet
  2. the screen resolution is expected to be 4K (3840×2160 pixels)
  3. Galaxy X – a high-end device could ultimately run on a powerful processor like the upcoming Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip
  4. Moreover, the phone s also rumored to pack five rear cameras to rival the iPhone X Plus.
  5. The phone is expected to get a large non-removable battery.

This is all we know about the specs of the Samsung Galaxy X as Samsung hasn’t confirmed a thing about it.

Samsung Galaxy X Could Hit the Market Before S10

We were expecting Samsung Galaxy S10 to roll in the market earlier in 2019, but recently, we have been buzzed around with the information that Samsung is planning to launch the Bigger, foldable, extraordinary Samsung galaxy X, even before the S10.

According to the well-known Chinese leaker, Ice Universe, current plans by Samsung indicate that the Galaxy X might be unveiled at CES 2019, while the Galaxy S10 would launch at the MWC 2019. While the stated Galaxy S10 launch date is consistent with the Galaxy S9/S9+ unveiling, the rumored Galaxy X announcement at the CES 2019 sounds strange since Samsung rarely launchers any flagship smartphones at the CES.

Even though the leak has a reliable track record, however, it is still possible that the information regarding the launch of the two flagships from Samsung turns out to be false. So it is advised to keep the track to the release date of both the phones.

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Samsung Might Launch Galaxy X Foldable Smartphone before Galaxy S10 | frank-tyler-samsung-fan-club

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