Download Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus PDF User Manual in English

Now, you have got the glimpse to the Samsung’s new flagship and it’s a few days away from us. The unveiling ceremony of the Samsung Galaxy S8 have already shown the revolutionary specs and features included in the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, but its entire user guide highlighted all the important features in detail.

Download Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus PDF User Manual in English | samsung-galaxy-s8-plus-user-manual-pdf-download-free

The leaked user guide of the Samsung Galaxy S8 has been posted onto the Samsung’s download center that details all the features included in the Galaxy S8 like DeX, Bixby and many others. So, we have got all those key features listed on the site that has now been password protected and cannot be accessed. Make sure to check out the Comparison between Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge & Galaxy S8 Plus.

So get your headset for the entire spoiler alert about the new Samsung Galaxy S8 before it’s been out in the public.

Download Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus PDF User Manual

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Without adding suspense, here you go straight from the horse’s mouth.

1: Infinity Display

You have heard much about the display show of the Samsung galaxy S8 and it is rated well justified. With the new flagship, Samsung now brings Always on display which will briefly light on the screen when a notification pops in. Moreover, the bezel-less screen and the multi-window feature on the edge screen, you can use multiple apps at a single time.

2: Intelligence

Intelligence is also on the board with the Samsung galaxy S8. Its new virtual addition is worth mentioning here. There is a dedicated button for Bixby on Galaxy S8 that can perform several functions. Through the use of Hello Bixby, the users can easily view frequently used content such as alarms, weather etc. Bixby Vision also allows the user’s image search information conveniently. Its voice search feature helps the users to use the device more conveniently without any hassle of typing.

3: Security

Samsung has taken the plunge into the security world with multiple biometric features in its new flagship. The iris recognition, face scanning, fingerprint scanning, secure folder and Samsung pass are some of the security features to count on. All these features help the users to keep their phone safe without letting access to any other person except the owners themselves.

4: Camera

You can experience the difference in the camera as well with its improved camera setup. The trio shot feature lets you to capture the images without any blur and noise. Moreover, the Auto Focus feature of its camera lets you take clearer images and the various shooting modes and filters lets you create various scenes as well.

5: Other Features

Other features like Samsung Pay, Samsung DeX, Samsung Connect, Samsung Cloud, Bluetooth Dual audio, water resistance are also plus for the Galaxy S8. Samsung has planned to allow the users to do more with their smartphones than ever. You can turn your phones into PC using the DeX accessory, pay without your wallet using Samsung pay, connect to nearby devices using Samsung Connect, store virtually important data into the bank via Samsung Cloud and listen the audio on two different devices connected via Bluetooth and much more. Last but certainly not the least, the Galaxy S8 also comes with the microSD card slot and water resistance to help save your money from being drowning.

What’s your favorite feature in Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus? You are welcome to share your views with us in the comments section.

Download Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus PDF User Manual in English | frank-tyler-samsung-fan-club

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