Download Good Lock 2018 New Update for Samsung Galaxy S8 | S9 | Note 8

After a long wait, Samsung released a User Interface application for the users so that they can enjoy a revamped interface on their Samsung Galaxy devices. The app, just like expected, brings a ton of amazing customization options for the users of Samsung Galaxy S8 | S9 | Note 8. After being unveiled for the users I South Korea, the app is now released in the US as well with a mesmerizing update.

If you are interested in knowing what this app has and what the update brings for the users of Samsung devices, we have you covered. This post has everything rounded up you need to know about the Good Lock app from Samsung.

Good Lock 2018 – An Ultimate UI Customizing App for Samsung Galaxy S8 | S9 | Note 8

Download Good Lock 2018 New Update for Samsung Galaxy S8 | S9 | Note 8 | good-lock-2018-samsung-galaxy-s7-s8-s9-note-8-galaxy-s10

Don’t get fooled by its name – Good Lock application not only allows you to customize the lock for the Samsung Galaxy devices but also offers quick setting menu, task changer window and much more. However, it is not that simple as it seems. This app from Samsung doesn’t work on its own, instead, it works as a space to download and access other apps that control the customization.

Download Good Lock 2018 New Update for Samsung Galaxy S8 | S9 | Note 8 | change-task-manager-style-samsung-galaxy-s7-s8-s9-note-8-s10

The applications that can be used to control the Good Lock includes:

  1. Task Changer (Updated)
  2. LockStar
  3. QuickStar
  4. Routines
  5. Clock Face (Updated)
  6. EdgeLighting (Extra Recommended App)
  7. Sound Assistant (Extra Recommended App)

And many more. Here’s a look what each of this application can help you do.

1: LockStar

As its name implies, LockStar lets the users to customize their lock screen effortlessly while offering tons of amazing customization options. This app comes with the features including the ability to lock the screen background, customizing the clock type, customizing the items that they want to show on the lock screen and the placement of the icons of lock screen.

2: QuickStar

QuickStar is responsible for customization things other than lock screen. This application contains three features including:

  1. Coloring – to adjust the appearance of the quick setting menu
  2. Notification multi-window – allows you to open apps in multi-window view directly from notification bar
  3. Simple Indicator – lets you choose which function to show on the top of your screen at status bar.

3: Routines

While routine is an easy way to set your phone up for different situations. That means; this application lets you set up profiles that automatically turn on pre-determined settings at certain times or during specific situations. For example, you could make a nighttime mode that turns on Do Not Disturb and the red light filter before you go to bed.

The Update – Task Changer & ClockFace

Just after the release of Good Lock, Samsung launched a new update for the application to offer new functionalities and fix bugs appeared in the app.

4: Task Changer

Task changer is a really stylish upgrade to the task changer menu that comes with the lots of fancy customizable animations. It also has a mode that puts the menu in the lower half of the screen which should make it easier to use with one hand. The update lets the users enable background blur or make the recent apps screen center on the currently running app.

5: Clock Face

ClockFace features have also received new functions and changes to existing ones including the new clock options for use on the lock screen and the Always on Display. In total, there are 24 new clocks for the lock screen and 29 for the Always on Display.

Samsung Good Lock 2018 Features And Installation

Download Good Lock 2018 for Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phones (BadLock v2)

Samsung’s Good Lock 2018 application brings a ton of customization options for the users of Samsung Galaxy S8 | S9 | Note 8. If you are interested in customizing your Samsung phone and want an easy way to do so, then give Samsung Good Lock 2018 a try.

Download Good Lock 2018 New Update for Samsung Galaxy S8 | S9 | Note 8 | frank-tyler-samsung-fan-club

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