8 Best Bluetooth Galaxy S7 Earphones Sports Excellent Bass

Music during exercise is a great compliment, most of the people enjoy listening to their favorite music tracks while on running or during their gym hours. That creates sweat on the body and thus you need to have those earphones which are lightweight, easy to carry and sweat proof / water proof. Today at S7 Fan Club, we are covering Best Samsung Galaxy S7 & Edge Sports Bluetooth Earphones.

Top 7 Best Android & Samsung Bluetooth Earphones You Can Buy

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Samsung Announced Galaxy Note 7 Pricing & Availability in USA

Samsung has announced the new Galaxy Note 7 as promised for August 2 Samsung’s unpacked event, the Note 7 Edge blends the best features of its Note line with the best features of its S7 series launched earlier this year. The Note 7 has a dual-curved display and iris scanner and is water resistant. It will come in three colors in the US when it hits stores on August 19th: silver, black, and a unique, light blue that Samsung calls “Blue Coral.” It has IRIS eye scanner and fingerprint sensors for locking / unlocking the device.


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Is Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Best Alternative To Galaxy Note 7?

Xiaomi has just unveiled Mi Note 2 at a Beijing press event, that has striking resemblance from front to Samsung’s ill-fated Galaxy Note 7, thanks to the curved edges of its screen and similar kind of home button. This seems to be the second non-Samsung devices to feature an “edge” screen, first one was Huawei’s Mate 9 (which is still unannounced).


Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Best Alternative To Samsung Galaxy Note 7

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Exploded While Charging

It has been reported by a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 user, that his brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 got exploded while it was on charging. The device literally got blown up with a blast and that had burned all the screen. The user has also reported that he was using micro USB to type C converter for charging his Samsung Galaxy Note 7 while it got exploded.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Exploded While Charging | galaxy-note-7-burned-exploded-while-charging

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Major Carriers In USA Will Offer Galaxy Note 7 Replacements & Refunds

Following many incidents of Galaxy Note 7 Explosions due to it’s faulty battery. And despite Samsung had recalled the device to apparently fix the battery issues so that explosions can be avoided. Even after Samsung had fixed and marked Galaxy Note 7 as safe with Green Battery Icon, it still exploded.

Recently sales for the handset resumed with replacement models from Samsung, however one of these newer models began smoking on a Southwestern airplane. This issue has caused too much stirr. Therefore Samsung will have to accept its defeat in Note 7’s case. While they should focus on bringing something more exclusive and with tough quality controls. Samsung is also looking forward to announce Galaxy S8.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Replacement & Refund by US Carriers

Major Carriers In USA Will Offer Galaxy Note 7 Replacements & Refunds | att-note-7-replacement-refund-usa

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Galaxy Note 7 Edge With IRIS Scanner & 6GB RAM Confirmed

EvLeaks arguably the world’s most famous leaker, Blass has expanded upon earlier news of storage upgrades to twice “confirm“ two radical new features for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Edge. Samsung will skip Galaxy Note 6. The device will have whooping 6GB of DDR4 RAM. 5.7″ QHD SAMOLED, 64GB + microSD, 12MP DualP / 5MP, IP68, black/silver/blue. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Edge has been officially announced.

But first things first: eagle-eyed readers will have spotted the use of ‘Galaxy Note 7’ because Blass has “Confirmed” Samsung will jump straight from last years’ Galaxy Note 5 to the Galaxy Note 7.


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Galaxy Note 7 Banned In U.S. Flights & Violators Will Be Sent To Prison

We had to cover up many stories related with Galaxy Note 7, since it was a smart-phone by Samsung, that has recently failed. First Major Carriers in US had to Stop the sales of Galaxy Note 7 and then Samsung has Permanently discontinued the sales of Galaxy Note 7 worldwide after several recalls and fixes. It was due to Battery explosions in Galaxy Note 7 that were reported by many customers across the globe. Galaxy Note 7 Banned In U.S. Flights & Violators Will Be Sent To Prison | samsung-galaxy-note-7-banned-us-flights-violatiors-sent-to-jail

Galaxy Note 7 Banned In U.S. Flights

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Replacement Due To Battery Explosions

Till 1st of September 2016, there were 35 cases of battery explosions reported by users of Samsung Galaxy Note 7. It’s a brand new phablet by Samsung, which has faced a misfortune. Samsung is voluntarily offering Free Replacement of Galaxy Note 7 with New Galaxy Note 7, which will not have any battery problems. Samsung … Read more

Galaxy Note 7 Is Permanently Dead, Samsung Discontinued It

We had shared several articles, in which we had discussed about Galaxy Note 7 Explosions due to it’s battery issues. There are 100+ cases being reported by several Galaxy Note 7 users across the world. Their Galaxy Note 7 got exploded. Samsung had issued a global recall of all Galaxy Note 7 devices, then they had fixed the apparent problem with Galaxy Note 7 battery.Galaxy Note 7 Is Permanently Dead, Samsung Discontinued It | samsung-note-7-exploded-burned-discontinued

Despite of fixing the battery explosion issue. Samsung started to provide fixed replacement Galaxy Note 7 devices. The replacement / fixed Galaxy Note 7 devices didn’t stop exploding. Samsung had to face the loss of 17 Billion US Dollars due to this big problem. Now Samsung had no other choice except to Permanently Discontinue the Production of Galaxy Note 7.

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