Download 5 Best Galaxy S22 Ultra Lock Screen Android Apps

Home and Lock screens are the two things that we see frequently on our phones. We have to see these two screens so many times that we feel bored. Not to worry now, thanks to app developers who offer us with the tons of amazing Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Lock Screen Apps through which we can customize our lock screens.

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Top 5 Positive Points / Pros of Samsung Galaxy S8 / Plus

Samsung Galaxy S8 is now officially launched and it has a number of amazing features that Samsung has boasted right. Ranging from its infinity display to its futuristic virtual assistant – Bixby, from its biometric features to DeX Dock, every feature seems to be revolutionary, thus, making S8’s flagship to be remarkable for the year 2017.

Top 5 Positive Points / Pros of Samsung Galaxy S8 / Plus | samsung-galaxy-s8-plus-pros-postive-points

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Android Oreo Style Notification Shade App for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge / S8 Plus

Bored of Android Nougat? Want to enjoy Android Oreo on your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and S8 Plus? Want to make your device stand out with the lots of customization options from Android Oreo? If you are up for all these, you have come to the right place.

Android Oreo Style Notification Shade App – Bringing the Taste of Android Oreo

Android Oreo Style Notification Shade App for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge / S8 Plus | android-oreo-notification-shade-samsung-galaxy-s7-s8-s9-note8

Today, the app we are going to introduce will help you achieve everything that you want for your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, S8 Plus, S9 Plus and Galaxy Note 8. So fasten your seat belts, set back and read on how you can enjoy the power packed features of Android Oreo on your Samsung Galaxy devices. You can also check out Best Samsung Galaxy 3D Launcher Apps and Best Samsung Galaxy Mobile Lock Screen Apps.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs. Google Pixel XL – Pros & Cons

Without any doubt, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is one of the incredible additions to the smartphone family and that, I am saying with a good reason. It’s attractive, powerful and offers some amazing features that are unique in its own way, that make it one of the best phone smartphone on the market.

With this, there is another contender in the market and that we call, the Google Pixel XL. Google Pixel XL packs some amazing and seriously impressive features that give the other models of Apple and Samsung, a tough competition. But can it reach the Galaxy S7 Edge’s lofty heights?

Consider the pros and cons of each device to better know them in detail.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs. Google Pixel XL – Pros & Cons

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs. Google Pixel XL - Pros & Cons | google-pixel-xl-vs-galaxy-s7-edge

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How To Fix Galaxy S8 Plus “DQA Keeps Stopping” Error Message?

It’s been a day that Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are out in public and the users who had pre-ordered their phones on Verizon and T-Mobile have received their brand new Samsung phones. Fortunately, the phone’s got potential but unfortunately, users have started to face a problem which is quite frustrating. Galaxy S8 / Plus users had also faced sudden rebooting and red tint AMOLED display issues.


I am talking about that “DQA keeps stopping” error message that pops up when the users turn on the Wi-Fi of their devices. This issue has been reported by a number of users on social media and that’s a reason why we are writing this post. As this is the new error being associated with a new phone, a single conclusive fix doesn’t seem to be found. So we have come up with all the possible fixes that can repair the annoying “DQA keeps stopping” error.

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Kodi Media Player for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge | S8+ | S9+

When it comes to entertainment on the board, you have tons of Media Centre applications available on the Google Play Store. Among those Media Centre apps, you have certainly heard of Kodi. Tough, you might not have heard good things about it, but it has surely proved to be so popular among the people. The software has always been in the headlines because of controversial ‘fully-loaded Kodi boxes’, but, it is a best-of-breed solution that is entirely free and flexible.

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How to Enable Galaxy S7 Edge RAW Photos Capture Mode?

In the previous article of “How to Capture Photos like a Pro with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge?” We have mentioned the ways through which you can capture photos like a pro. The most effective way among those was to switch your mode to Pro/RAW mode. But the question for most of the Galaxy S7 Edge users is that how to enable that RAW mode to capture photos like a pro?

If you still don’t know the answer, it’s OK. We are going to explain it all in detail to let you enhance your skills of photography to next level.

How to Enable Galaxy S7 Edge RAW Photos Capture Mode? | samsung-galaxy-s7-edge-raw-photo-mode-dng

Enabling RAW Capture Mode in Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Camera App

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Top 5 Android 7.0 Nougat features for the Samsung Galaxy S7!

No offense, Samsung Galaxy S7 / Edge is one of the excellent smartphone being produced past year. And this excellent phone has recently got the biggest update. I am talking about the Android Nougat 7.0, that has hauled the Galaxy S7’s interface with array of outclass features, that needs a standing ovation.

Either you talk about the lighter interface or the revamped settings app, Android Nougat 7.0 have included all in its update. If you are still unaware of this great news, here, I am going to get you covered with the amazing features that Nougat has upgraded into the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Top Features to Know in Galaxy S7 Edge Nougat Update

Plenty of improvements have been made in Galaxy S7 Edge with this Nougat update. But I am going to cover a few here. Check them out and do comment you favorite feature in the comments section below:

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Top 5 Best Galaxy S10 Helicopter Games Download

Watching helicopters flying and fading in the air have always been fun. Most of the people wish to sit in them and enjoy its ride. However, there are some people who wish to handle these objects, if not in reality, then in world of gaming. So there is good news for such people, we are living in the 21st century and nothing is impossible in this age of modern and advanced technology.

The Play Store is flooded with the 3D helicopter simulation games that are really attractive and fun to play. So, if you are looking to have such games on your Galaxy S10, then have a look at my 5 best picks of the Helicopter Games for Samsung Galaxy S10. Check and try them all.

Top 5 Best Galaxy S10 Helicopter Games Download | best-galaxy-s7-edge-3d-helicopter-games-download

Top 5 Best Samsung Galaxy S10 Helicopter Games Collection

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