Top 5 Best Galaxy S10 Lock Screen Apps Download

The Samsung Galaxy S10 lock screen isn’t just screen for most of the people. It is an important navigational screen for some that can help them to improve their phone’s experience. Standard “slide to unlock” or a PIN code is fine, but there are tons of lock screen apps available on Play Store allowing such people to do even more with their lock screens.

Top 5 Best Galaxy S10 Lock Screen Apps Download | samsung-galaxy-s8-best-lock-screen-apps-download

Download Top 5 Best Galaxy S10 Lock Screen Apps

So, here we are going to round up 5 Best Lockscreen Apps for Samsung Galaxy S10 / S8 / S8 Plus, but you can use them on your other Android device as well, to make your phone unlocking more fun and functional.

1: AcDisplay App for Samsung Galaxy S10 | S8+ | S9+

One of the most popular lock screen apps on the Play Store. AcDisplay offers a completely new way to handle your notifications on your Samsung Galaxy S8. It emulates the Always-On-Lock screen of Samsung Galaxy S8. Using this app, the users can play with their notifications even without unlocking their phones. It also features tons of customization options along with great performance and beautiful user interface.

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Developer: Artem Chepurnyi
Price: Free

2: Alarm Anti-Theft Screen Lock App for Samsung Galaxy S10 | S8+ | S9+

Although this one is an older app, but its features are amazingly interesting, that will definitely suit your Galaxy S8’s needs and requirements. As the name suggests, this app focuses more on security features than anything else. Someone trying to intrude your phone would get distracted with its loud alarm when he enters the wrong passcode. It is one of the best free lock apps with alarm. Just don’t mess up your passcode, otherwise, you would be in serious trouble!

3: Echo Notification Lock Screen App for Samsung Galaxy S10 | S8+ | S9+

If you want your security with fastest and coolest features, Echo Notification lock screen is your thing. The app features a focus on notifications that will pop up on your screen as you receive them. The app is easy to use and it comes with finest features like grouping the notifications based on its categories like social, work, etc. It also offers additional customization options free of cost.

4: Hi Locker App for Samsung Galaxy S10 | S8+ | S9+

The app offers the CyanogenMod-style quick launcher. Although it offers typical lock screen look, but it will be great in showing you basics such as weather, time, battery, notifications, events etc. The app offers three styles of lock screen along with the decent array of ways to customize it. Simple, yet functional!

5: LokLok App for Samsung Galaxy S10 | S8+ | S9+

The LokLok app is different from other lock screen apps which is more of a snapchat and less of a lock screen thing. On unlocking your device, you can take a picture, draw on it, edit it and can send it to your contacts or friends. The app is free to use and is great to remind your friends or loved ones of you.

Are there any lock screen apps that we missed out? If so, let us know in the comments section!

Top 5 Best Galaxy S10 Lock Screen Apps Download | frank-tyler-samsung-fan-club

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