Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Stylus Will Have Bluetooth Support

 The South Korean Tech Giant is all set to launch its three biggest flagship of the year – Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy X and Samsung Galaxy Note 9. With the every day passing by, we are surrounded by new updates and new rumors about what these flagships from Samsung would look like.

FCC Listing Confirmed that Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s Stylus Will Support Bluetooth

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Stylus Will Have Bluetooth Support | Galaxy-Note-9-S-Pen-samsung-fan-club

We have previously posted about the specs that Samsung Galaxy S10 is going to pack and what the Samsung Galaxy X would look like. Now it is the time to throw some light on the third flagship that is expected to be out within a few months of the year 2019 – Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Just like every year, Samsung tries to introduce innovations in its new flagships and this year, we are filling in that the S Pen, which is, of course, the signature thing for the Note series, is going to be revamped. Many news and leaks were surfacing a few weeks back regarding the futuristic S Pen for Note 9 and the recent reports have claimed that it is going to feature Bluetooth support, which will allow the users to perform some unexpected features which one would not expect from a stylus.

Well, this is not what we are saying, but the news has been confirmed by the FCC listing for the stylus.

A few years backs, Samsung unearthed a latent love for the stylus in smartphones with its series called “Galaxy Note Series”. From the time of evolution of Note Series, the note smartphones have been using the basic stylus technology but fortunately, this year, the Tech Giant has thought something that could change the future of Note series.

Yep, the FCC listing confirmed that the next Note phone from Samsung will feature the Bluetooth enabled S Pen stylus which could breath new life into the Note phones. According to the FCC report, Samsung’s S Pen for the Galaxy S9 passed through the agency. The surprising part is it was tested for Bluetooth regulatory compliance. The current S Pen doesn’t have Bluetooth as it’s just an inductive stylus. This suggests the S pen on the Note 9 could be vastly different.

But how could the Stylus support Bluetooth when there is no power in the pen. Well, for that Samsung will have some clever charging mechanism in the phone’s stylus compartment. This active connection of the stylus with the smartphone will allow it to do some extraordinary functions that the predecessor phones and its stylus can’t. For example, the button on the S Pen could support media controls on the smartphone, or it could operate as a presentation controller if your phone is in Dex mode.

Moreover, with the drawing and writing being the basic function of this stylus, the Bluetooth support in the stylus is also expected to improve them substantially.

The S Pen is certainly shaping up to be a promising addition to this year’s Galaxy Note flagship. Samsung has already confirmed that it will officially unveil the Galaxy Note 9 at an event in New York City on August 9.

So till then, keep your fingers crossed and keep visiting us for more related info regarding the Samsung’s upcoming flagships.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Stylus Will Have Bluetooth Support | frank-tyler-samsung-fan-club

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