Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus vs. Galaxy S9 Plus | Improvement in Camera

It’s quite a few months since the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus have been launched. And Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, being the latest flagship from the Samsung has got the attention of all. Although both the phones have not got that much improvement, however, the camera remained the primary focus of the Samsung in these flagships.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus vs. S8 Plus – Which Phone’s Camera is Worth It?

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus vs. Galaxy S9 Plus | Improvement in Camera | samsung-galaxy-s9-plus-galaxy-s8-plus-camera-comparison

Talking of the camera of Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, you probably have already heard about the major improvements in the camera that took place in the Samsung Galaxy S9+ including the dual camera sensors, the AR Emoji, and dual aperture. However, the minor camera improvements have always been overlooked that we are going to discuss in our post today.

So here comes the improvements in the Camera of Samsung Galaxy S9+ in comparison with Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Camera.

Taken with Galaxy S8+
Taken with Galaxy S9+
Taken with Galaxy S9+
Taken with Galaxy S8+
Taken with Galaxy S9+
Taken with Galaxy S8+
Taken with Galaxy S9+
Taken with Galaxy S8+

As a matter of fact, Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus has got the better camera and the better camera features. So theoretically, the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus would win the race. However, the theory does not always correlate with the practice. So we have compared both the cameras in some same scenarios and put the results down. Have a look.

1: Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus vs. S8 Plus Camera – Colors

We have captured the identical pictures from both the phones – Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus and S9 Plus and compared them both. As seen in the pictures, S9 Plus have successfully portrayed accurate colors and data as we look in the background. The overall image is better than Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus with nice contrast and decent details.

(Left: S8+, Right: S9+)

2: Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus vs. S8 Plus Camera – Details

When it comes to the details, Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus easily takes it. Take a look at the details in the road and the door of the castle. The texture of the wood and bricks are also indicating the prominent difference in the detail capturing of both the cameras.

(Left: S8+, Right: S9+)

3: Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus vs. S8 Plus Camera – Portrait

If you care about the portrait mode, you will definitely like the more original and natural one that you can find inside the Samsung Galaxy S9+. This is because of the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S8+ don’t have the actual technology for the portrait mode, which is the dual camera.

4: Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus vs. S8 Plus Camera – Selfie

When it comes to selfies, Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus has got the edge because of the fact that S9 Plus has got a hard time measuring light. You can better see the details in the selfie of S8 Plus camera as compared to S9 Plus.

Regarding the above comparison, Samsung Galaxy S9+ offers the superior camera however, the difference is not astounding. Samsung Galaxy S8+ phone also features the capable camera that can take good selfies.

So which phone do you prefer to buy based on the above comparison? Samsung Galaxy S8+ or S9+?

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus vs. Galaxy S9 Plus | Improvement in Camera | frank-tyler-samsung-fan-club

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