Archery King Sports Game APK for Samsung Galaxy S7 / S8

Admit it, we all craze for the game that is really easy to pick up yet really frustrating to put down and Archery Kings is one of these games. From the Miniclip developers, Archery Kings is one of the best games to play in your spare time when you are not quite ready for any adventure or action, just a simple game with plenty of excitement.

Archery King Sports Game APK for Samsung Galaxy S7 / S8 | Archery-King-game-apk-samsung-galaxy-s7-edge-s8-plus

Just like the megahits 8 Ball Pool, Basketball stars and Flip Diving etc. from the same developers, Archery Kings is another time-honored sports game that is light to your fingertips. Get this amazing game on your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge / S8 and test your skills against other Robin Hoods in ever increasingly difficult series of missions.

Archery Kings – Are you the One?

So, the core of the game is to compete with the online players or virtual opponent in one-on-one playing mode by betting some virtual money in the pots. You need to line up the shot, hold your bow, draw and fire a few arrows, hopefully in the direction of bull’s eye. The best and the tricky part comes after – the wind, that will change the direction of your arrow and can tweak how you lined up the things. On winning, you can earn large bonuses.

So you need to watch the wind and closely monitor the things that get trickier with each and every passing level.

1: Various 1-on-1 Playing Modes

So you think you are an archery king? You need to prove your skills and play in the most competitive playing modes of the Archery Kings. The game offers two different 1-on-1 playing modes including the classic mode and the rush mode. Master all the locations and discover their hidden secrets and show them you are the one king of archery.

2: Lots of Customizing Options

Besides the different gaming modes, the Archery Kings offers lots of customization options for your bows and arrows so that you can play at your own comfort level. Mix and match different components of the game and create your own gaming experience with hundreds of different combinations.

3: Increasingly Difficult Levels

The things can get difficult and tricky one after the other. The game offers new challenges in every level and with each passing level get access to different locations. Compete with the best opponents of that location and show them you are the King!

4: Watch the Wind

The wind is the most discernable and the most destructive force that can turn all your shots and arrows in the opposite directions. Plot a mental calculation against the tweaking winds and aim in the direction that you are sure of.

5: Challenge Your Skills

Archery Kings is more than the one-on-one matches. Fight against the wind and the real opponents from all across the globe. Play in the single-player mode, unlock different challenges and show how far you can go.

Download Archery King Sports Game APK For Samsung Android

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Overall, Archery Kings is probably the best time killing game with the most simple controls and plenty of different modes to unlock. There is no great deal of depth in the game so you can play it whenever you want.

Archery King Sports Game APK for Samsung Galaxy S7 / S8 | frank-tyler-samsung-fan-club

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