Top 5 Best Fixes To Improve Galaxy S8’s Battery Life Problems

Okay! Let’s face it. Samsung Galaxy S8 isn’t the smartphone with the finest battery. It just packs a battery borrowed from its ancestor and that is the only domain in the whole Galaxy S8, where it lacks. Although, the phone seems to be great that houses the most futuristic features, but unfortunately, the battery life of this phone is not the best thing that can help you in need.

Top 5 Best Fixes To Improve Galaxy S8’s Battery Life Problems | Battery-tips-tricks-s-hedr

You might find the battery life of the Samsung’s new flagship to be great for a while, but after some time when you load up your phone with multiple apps of your choice, you might find it draining back. However, to provide you with the great Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus experience, we have a handful of tips that can fix the battery life problems of your new phone. We had also covered Top 5 Best Battery Saving Apps for Galaxy S7 / Edge / S8 / Plus.

How to Fix Galaxy S8’s Battery Life Problems?

The battery life of the Samsung Galaxy S8 can be improved with the following tips.

1: Enable Power Saving Mode in Galaxy S8 / Plus

You might have known the fact that Power Saving Mode is designed for the same purpose you are looking for. Enabling the power saving mode is the easiest way to save the battery of the phone for the longer run. You can always find this option in your notification tray or in the “Settings”> “Device Maintenance”> “Battery”. From there, you can toggle the power saving mode that will indeed allow the users to perform their regular tasks, but it will automatically limit some background functions, CPU performance, and lower screen resolution and decrease the brightness. This will surely add multiple of hours to the battery life.

2: Look for the Fallow Apps in Galaxy S8 / Plus

If the power saving mode does not find its way to save the battery life of your phone, you can uninstall all the unused and unwanted apps from your phone to get some battery life. To uninstall the unused and fallow apps from your phone, long press the icon of the app and push it towards the “Uninstall” option. You can also head towards the “Settings”> “Apps” and scroll to see if there are some apps hanging out that you have forgotten. You can always re-install the apps that you need, in future.

3: Check for Battery – Draining Apps in Galaxy S8 / Plus

Those power hungry apps are definitely killing your battery life and that you should always monitor. Samsung has incorporated a few features that take care of the power draining apps and for this, you need to go to the “Settings” App> “Device Maintenance”> “Battery”. You would see the apps running in the background and for each app, you can hit the “Save Power” option, that will limit that run.

4: Reduce Screen Brightness in Galaxy S8 / Plus

As Samsung Galaxy S8 offers the powerful Super AMOLED Screen and Always On Display, these both features significantly drain the battery of your phone. For this, the only thing that you can do to effectively save the power is to lower the screen brightness from the notification tray or from the Settings. And make sure to use dark wallpaper, this effectively saves the battery life of your Galaxy S8 / Plus smartphone.

5: Lower the Screen Resolution in Galaxy S8 / Plus

Another thing that you can do reduce your battery draining is to lower the screen resolution temporarily, without hurting your experience with the phone. Just go to the “Settings”>”Display”>”Screen Resolution”. You will see a number of options there. You can scale down from “FHD+” to “HD+” in order to save the battery.

Although you can use these option to improve the battery life of the Galaxy S8, but it won’t do a significant thing for your phone, as the battery is not getting larger anyway. So, in the case you move much, you can consider having battery packs or battery cases designed for Galaxy S8.

Top 5 Best Fixes To Improve Galaxy S8’s Battery Life Problems | frank-tyler-samsung-fan-club

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