Top 5 Best Galaxy S24 Face Swap Video Editing Apps

Bored of that typical video chatting with your friends? Want something new with your pictures and video calling feature? If yes, then here is the new trend that you can follow to add something to your chat and conversation. I am talking about the face swapping pictures and videos that is the brand new trend on social media through which you can swap your face with another person in the photograph and that in result offers completely hilarious and fun photos. Also, make sure to check out Best Galaxy S24 Funny Face Wrap Apps Collection.

For this feature, all you need is to have those face swapping apps that are available on Google Play Store in tons. So, cutting to the chase, here are the best 5 galaxy s24 funny face swapping video apps that you can try.Top 5 Best Galaxy S24 Face Swap Video Editing Apps | Best-Galaxy-S7-Edge-Face-Swap-Video-Editing-Apps

Top 5 Best Galaxy S24 Funny Face Swap Video Editing Apps Collection

1: Face Swap Video Camera App For Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus

Starting the list with the top app on the Play Store is Face Camera. As the name suggests, this app offers the typical feature of interchanging face with another person in the picture, along with various other amazing features. Not only you can swap face with one in the picture, but also, this app allows you to swap face with superstars and cute animals. Even, you can interchange your face with the statue in the museum. Face Swap also lets the users to get real time face swap experience using motion swap. Snap stickers, snap filters, classic collage, photo re-toucher and swift sharing adds more to your face swapping experience.

2: FaceSwapper For Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus

Well, when it comes to face swapping, FaceSwapper is the first thing that comes to mind. This app is amazing that remains in the headlines for this month because of its possession by Facebook. Necessarily, FaceSwapper is not only a face swap app, but also brings many amazing features including hilarious masks, video selfie recordings with digitally edited face. Moreover, it’s hilariously easy to use, as you swipe between different effects, with quick sharing over social media.

3: Banuba App For Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus

Another face swap app for Galaxy S24 comes with the name – Banuba. This app is next on our list because of its features including fun photo editing, realistic results within short time. it also supports best face swap blending feature along with face bomb effect. Unfortunately, this app doesn’t support live face swap option, but it is a good one for all those people looking to do fun editing using their pictures. The best thing about this app is that all its features are completely free.

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Developer: Banuba
Price: Free

4: Facelab For Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

This one is not actually a photo face swap app, but it mixes up two faces into one, that is also another fun thing that you can try. This app lets you to add your photos and photo of people with whom you want to mix faces and automatically mix it up. You can even mix your face with celebrities or with the strangers to see how you would like ins someone else’s skin. You can also share your results with your friends and family via its social media sharing option.

5: SnapChat App For Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus

You might be counting SnapChat to be a social media app, but surprisingly, it is also an amazing face swapping app that works hilariously to mix two faces to add fun during your live chat. Besides it lets you to chat with your friends, this app also lets you to swap face while recognizing your face and automatically applying various effects when selected.

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Top 5 Best Galaxy S24 Face Swap Video Editing Apps | ai-6c6de80ed4461aa62624e92efbea9255
Developer: Snap Inc
Price: Free

If you are looking to have some fun, then give these funny face swapping video apps a try on your Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and do let us know the results!

Top 5 Best Galaxy S24 Face Swap Video Editing Apps | frank-tyler-samsung-fan-club

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