PUBG Mobile Lite Shooting Game for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, S8, S9, S7

If you are a gaming freak, we bet you would be aware about PUBG Mobile. The game has taken the world by storm and due to its high fan following and high demand in the market the developers of the game designed another version of PUBG for the low end mobile phones, called PUBG Mobile Lite.

So if you want to play PUBG on your mobile phones, PUBG Mobile Lite is something that you can have on your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, S8, S9, S10 and other android phones. But here’s what the game is all about.

PUBG Mobile Lite for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, S8, S9, S7

If you are a fan of PUBG Mobile, you would feel like home at PUBG Mobile Lite. But for the people who don’t know, this version of PUBG is almost similar to its previous version and it is even better in some cases.

PUBG Mobile Lite Shooting Game for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, S8, S9, S7 | PUBG-Mobile-Lite-Shooting-Game-for-Samsung-Galaxy-S7-Edge-S8-S9-S10

In the start of the PUBG Mobile Lite, you have to face 40 players rather than 100 and on a smaller map. That is the only difference that you might find among the PUBG mobile and Mobile Lite. The visuals of the game are similar and the game is developed and optimized for the devices with less RAM. In short, the PUBG Mobile Lite is basically the same game but a little friendlier for older devices.

The features of the game includes:

1: A Battle Royale

PUBG Mobile Lite is a similar version of PUBG mobile where the player has to seek for his weapons in order to survive and become the last man standing on the land. The map is kind of short in the lite version, so you will not have to suffer while finding the weapons, vehicles and supplies, but beware, your enemies are also hiding in that ever shrinking play zone.

2: High Quality Graphics and HD Audio

As mentioned earlier, the game is a duplicate to PUBG Mobile, so it offers the same visuals, same audio and the same game play. Thanks to the unreal and powerful engine 4 that creates a jaw dropping visual experience with really stunning details and realistic gameplay. In addition to that, the game also offers high quality audio with the rich 3D sound effects.

3: Realistic and Unlimited Weapons

With the realistic game experience, the PUBG Mobile Lite offers the realistic weapons that are constantly growing in number and sizes. From lethal firearms to extremely dangerous throwables, the game is full with a ton of weapons that comes with realistic ballistics and travel trajectories.

4: Fair Gaming Environment

Unlike many other games available on internet, the PUBG mobile Lite is a powerful game that comes with anti-cheat environment and mechanisms that ensure fair gameplay for the PUBG players.

So are you ready to experience the ever realistic battle royale on your mobile device? Get PUBG Mobile Lite on your Samsung Galaxy devices and enjoy the ultimate shooting experience like never before.

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Apk of PUBG Mobile Lite is available with APKMirror and some other websites.

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Developer: Level Infinite
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