4 Best Apps To Remap Bixby Key on Galaxy S8 After Samsung’s Update

After the launch of Samsung Galaxy S8 / Plus in the market, it was much highlighted that Samsung has blocked the remapping option of its Bixby button to use the Google Assistant or any other app that the owner want. Bixby assistant that Samsung has added in its new flagship is just like the Apple’s Siri, which can perform multiple tasks based on owners’ command.

4 Best Apps To Remap Bixby Key on Galaxy S8 After Samsung’s Update | remap-bixby-button-samsung-galaxy-s8-plus-best-apps

But before the launch of Galaxy S8 Plus, there were options through which the owners can remap the Bixby button to the Google Assistant or any other app. That Samsung had blocked with an update, just after its launch. However, there is still a way out that can help to remap the S8’s Bixby button.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 TV Commercial & Unpacking 2016

What if your next phone could take photos like a professional? What if it worked in low light? What if it gave you enough expandable memory to store all your pictures? Rethink what a phone can do. Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge TV Commercial has been uploaded by Samsung on YouTube. Check out the video after the break.

Samsung Galaxy S7 TV Commercial & Unpacking 2016 | galaxy-s7-tv-commercial-youtube-video

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Download Samsung Smart View App APK for Galaxy S7 Edge, S8 Plus, Note 8

The advancements in technology have made everything smart. Be it our smartphones or smart TV. With the increased technology, many of us own the smart Televisions that have their own perks over the traditional frame TVs that were heavier and much typical.Download Samsung Smart View App APK for Galaxy S7 Edge, S8 Plus, Note 8 | samsung-smart-view-android-app-apk-donwload

Samsung Smart View App APK For Galaxy S7 Edge / S8 Plus / Note 8

However, the smart TVs have their own disadvantages one being the biggest pain for sharing the contents, whether you want to share your TV contents to your smartphones or your smartphone’s contents to your TVs.

Although there are a number of techniques and solutions that allow the users to mirror their phone contents, however, all those solutions often don’t work well. Fortunately, Samsung offers the functional and a smart solution for the problem by launching its Smart View App for the Samsung and other brands and other operating systems.

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Cross DJ Pro App for Samsung Galaxy S7 | S8 | S9 | Note 8

With the increasing digitalizing all across the globe, it has become difficult for us to count the things that one cannot do using his smartphone than the things that he can do with it. There are so many things that we can actually do and even prefer to do. Ranging from singing to DJing thing, you can actually enjoy everything on your smartphone rather than on a set of the physical deck.

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Top 6 Best Galaxy S10 Wallpaper Apps Download

Finding great wallpapers and background for your mobile phone is a struggle, especially when you don’t have any tailored app for that purpose. You might end up using the only wallpaper for weeks and even months that you have in your phone as default wallpaper. I can imagine how boring this might be to stare at the same screen with same wallpaper thousands of times a day.Top 6 Best Galaxy S10 Wallpaper Apps Download | best-galaxy-s8-plus-wallpaper-apps-download

In order to save yourself from the struggle and to get rid of boredom, we have rounded up a list of 5 best wallpaper apps for your brand new Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus so that you have fresh wallpaper on your phone, every time you watch it.

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Share Files From Galaxy S7 Edge To iPhone 6S At 200x Fast Speed

There are times when we need to transfer important files from one smartphone to another. And there are times when we only need to transfer or share music / movies from Android to iPhone or iPhone to Android (Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge) at a very fast speed. Bluetooth is not an option since Apple’s iOS doesn’t support file sharing via Bluetooth by default (without jailbreak, which most of the people don’t like to have). Here comes the need of an app which can instantly share majority of the files such as Music, Movies, Videos, Photos, Documents (PDF, .DOCX, .PPTX, .XLSX).


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Download Galaxy S7 FPS HD Games: Max Payne & Modern Combat 5


Max Payne for Galaxy S7 has finally arrived on the Play Store. Max Payne is the second best hit on the list of the HD games after GTA Vice City and there is the reason for this. The first reason for Max Payne being so much popular is that, it is from the makers of GTA, Rockstar. And the other reason is its amazing features that it offers. So here, I have brought for you a review to Max Payne Game for Samsung Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge.

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