[2021] List of 5 Best Android Mini TV Boxes with Kodi Streaming for Samsung TV

Looking to get the best smart TV experience? We have you covered. An Android TV box not only allows you to watch your fav TV show, whenever you want and wherever you want but it also provides more than just smart viewing. It allows you to keep pace with everything that has been happening around you, enables you to read the news, shop the goods, browse online, send emails, play games and so on.

Yet despite all, they come in the form of small boxes that are generally not very tall and not very wide. So here’s a list of the best Android Smart TV Boxes for streaming with your Samsung device.

Best Android Mini TV Boxes with Kodi Streaming for Samsung TV


If you are in looking for the best Android TV box in 2018, check out the list below before you make your purchase:

1: Amazon Fire TV


Okay, Amazon’s Fire TV might not look like an Android smart TV at a first glance, but it works quite smooth under the custom Amazon’s interface. The smart TV supports:

  1. 4k Streaming in HDR
  2. Quality Picture performance
  3. 8GB internal and 2GB of RAM
  4. 5GHz dual-core processor
  5. HDMI cable and a TV Box remote

Amazon Fire TV is the powerhouse of Android TV boxes.

2: Roku Ultra


This 5-inch black square is something worth-getting because of its some really amazing features. These features include:

  1. Lucrative design
  2. 4k HDR video support
  3. A number of customization options
  4. A support for 100 Mbps Ethernet port, power connector, and HDMI port
  5. Private listening feature to listen to music in private using earphones

The Rocku Ultra boasts sleek lines and ultimate design.

3: Nvidia Shield TV Pro Gaming Edition 500GB


The Nvidia Shield TV is quite a powerful Smart TV choice that offers everything in terms of flexibility and features.

  1. Shield TV offers a gaming platform at its best.
  2. It comes with smart home integration with HDR and 4k video support
  3. It features remote and a Google Assistant
  4. It is quite powerful as it features Tegra X1 processor for smooth performance

So play games and stream movies effortlessly with Nvidia Shield TV Pro.

4: Evanpo T95Z Plus


Evanpo T95Z is packed with features and top-notch specifications that will make you fall in love with it. Here’s what it has got:

  1. Attractive design
  2. Easy navigation with mouse-like remote
  3. Kodi updated features
  4. 5GHz speed capacity
  5. 3GB RAM with 32GB ROM

We bet, no smart TV box can beat the quality and the style of Evanpo T95Z Plus.

5: GooBang Doo ABOX A1


Enjoy the unlimited streaming content by plugging in the GooBang Doo ABOX A1. It is a really powerful device which hosts a ton of amazing features including:

  1. 2GB RAM with 16GB ROM
  2. High-quality content support
  3. Kodi apps support

Simply plug into your TV and gain access to anything you want.


You can get these smart TV boxes online at affordable rates. So what are you waiting for?

[2021] List of 5 Best Android Mini TV Boxes with Kodi Streaming for Samsung TV | frank-tyler-samsung-fan-club

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