Zmodo 720p Wireless CCTV Home Security Camera Kit For Galaxy S7 Edge / S8 Plus

Looking for a complete and affordable solution to keep your home safe without any hassle? If so, a great security camera kit will is there to help you with your security job. Well, the camera kit that we are talking about is called Zmodo Wireless WiFi CCTV – Home Security Camera System that you can use to keep an eye on your home, kids, pets and anything you want by simply connecting it to your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge / S8 Plus. We also have covered Zmodo Wireless Video Doorbell for Samsung Mobile Phones.

Zmodo 720p Wireless CCTV Home Security Camera Kit For Galaxy S7 Edge / S8 Plus | zmodo-security-camera-kit-samsung-android-mobile-phones-2-e1510764568779

Yep, the kit is available at Amazon that you can purchase for your home or business, but before that, check out its features so that you can make a perfect decision.

The Features Offered by Zmodo Wireless WiFi CCTV, Home Security System

The home security camera kit comes with the 4 easy to install cameras that you can use for extended coverage of your whole home and for remote viewing as well, using your Samsung Galaxy devices.

Moreover, this camera kit from Zmodo features:


1: Wireless HD Cameras with Wider-Angle

The Zmodo camera kit offers 4 beautifully designed cameras that can decorate your house without messing it with wires, as it is completely wireless. All the 4 cameras are HD featuring 720p resolution, along with the wider angle and long range night views.

2: Motion Video Technology

Instead of capturing blurred and useless pictures, the Zmodo advanced camera kit features the motion video technology will capture the video clips, whenever the motion is detected in the specific area of the installed camera. These clips can then by access from Cloud for free. Not only this, the motion video clips are completely customizable allowing the users to customize the motion detection area and time for the notifications as well.

3: Hassle-Free Installation

Without any mess and clutter of wire, you can install these wireless security cameras anywhere in your house or office by simply plugging them into nearby power outlets and they are all set for the security watch.

4: Remote Viewing on Multiple-Devices Simultaneously

View the recorded footages on your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge/ S8 Plus and many other devices simultaneously anywhere, anytime using WiFi network. You can also view all camera’s live feed on TV/ PC in more details using the HDMI port and wire so that nothing goes out of your vision!

Pros and Cons

Here are some pros and cons of the Zmodo Camera Kit, according to the users:


  1. Easy Setup
  2. Easy Remote Viewing
  3. HD video clips
  4. Extended coverage with 4 cameras
  5. Very Convenient


  1. The only way to control the system is via their Zmodo app


Download Zmodo App for Samsung Android Phones

Zmodo 720p Wireless CCTV Home Security Camera Kit For Galaxy S7 Edge / S8 Plus | chart?cht=qr&
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Developer: Zmodo Support
Price: Free

Zmodo Wireless Security Camera Kit is definitely the best value for your price. The cameras can work great in both – day and night times to provide the users with the top-notch quality and security. Get this security camera kit Right Now from Amazon at a discounted rate!

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