Download NextRadio Live FM App for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus / S9 / Note 8

With the news for Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus support for the FM Radio in the United States and Canada, more and more people are wondering which FM Radio app they can get on their devices to get best FM experience. If you are among those people wondering which app to get for the ultimate FM experience, then you have come to the right place.

NextRadio – Live, and Local, Wherever You Go!

Download NextRadio Live FM App for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus / S9 / Note 8 | next-radio-app-samsung-galaxy-s8-s9-note-8-s7-sprint

NextRadio Live FM App is the probably one of the best FM application that you can get on your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, S9 and Note 8. The app comes with loads of amazing features and capabilities that definitely makes it worth considering. Check out its features and decide is it worth it or not!

With the motto, “Live and Local, Where you go”, NextRadio is probably one of the most popular FM Radio applications available on the Play Store. The app is completely free and always connected that lets the users keep pace with the fast-changing world. The app allows the users to experience the best music, the best sports talk, and the best know-how of the happening all around the world.

By using the smartphone’s built-in FM Chip, the NextRadio allows the users to tune into every FM Station and listen what they want. Not only this, the app also features the best way to connect the world with a new feature to stream on even unsupported devices. So what’s NextRadio has got, besides these features? Read on to know!

1: The Best Way to Connect

The NextRadio app offers the best way to connect with all the FM stations available locally. The app also allows the users to stream to their favorite stations without using considerable data. It also offers a variety of choices for the users, making it the best FM radio app available for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, S9 and Note 8.

2: Live Guide Feature

NextRadio’s Live Guide Feature allows you to check and navigate what is going on the different stations, at a single time. All the contents being played by the stations are displayed under a single tab so that the users can make their decision and choose the best station they want.

3: Save the History

NextRadio is actually a radio like never before. You can now save your history of a session so that you can find your favorite song for the long term. The app lets you experience local FM Radio by showing album art, songs, programs and even station logos so that you can never miss your song you like.

4: You can Actually Interact

The NextRadio also allows the users to interact with their favorite FM station by voting for their favorite songs or by disliking the song. You can also enter the station contents and even share the contents on your social media.

Download NextRadio Live FM App for Samsung Galaxy Phones

NextRadio App - Free Live FM Radio On Your Smart Phone

Download NextRadio Live FM App for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus / S9 / Note 8 | chart?cht=qr&
Download NextRadio Live FM App for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus / S9 / Note 8 | m2as_YgMN50WRqboOmtda89vKSOXdmbtoEtOTqb3_fmQOCTmpPtlXmftzm84Gt9oqKo=s128-h480-rw
Developer: NextRadio
Price: Free

Not only this, there is a lot more to discover with NextRadio. So get the NextRadio app on your Samsung Galaxy devices and enjoy the ultimate FM experience.

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