Video: Samsung Displayed Its Upcoming Foldable Phone Cum Phablet

Samsung never fails to surprise us and this time is no exception. After the months or even years of teasing, Samsung finally reveals its upcoming Samsung X or the ultimate Folding phone, this Wednesday night. The South Korean Giant has taken the advantage of its annual Developer Conference (SDC 2018) opening in San Francisco, where it revealed and displayed the infamous yet upcoming Samsung’s very first foldable smartphone, which is definitely something huge.

Samsung Galaxy X – What It Looks Like?

Video: Samsung Displayed Its Upcoming Foldable Phone Cum Phablet | Video-Samsung-Displayed-Its-Upcoming-Foldable-Phone-Cum-Phablet

So have you missed the SDC 2018 and are you wondering what Samsung’s Upcoming Foldable Phone looks like? Don’t panic, we have you covered. We will take you to the ride of Samsung’s upcoming Foldable smartphone in this post. So sit tight and scroll down.

Samsung Developer Conference 2018 highlights: Foldable phone display first look

Well, obviously, there is no comparison between the Samsung Galaxy X and the Apple’s iPhone X, however, for the sake of their names, we will go through the features and the look of this upcoming Samsung’s Foldable phone and indicate, is it going to win the hearts of people just like iPhone X or not.

Infinity Flex Display

Samsung is calling their upcoming foldable smartphone’s display technology as the “Infinity Flex” and that is for a good reason. According to Samsung, they have managed to create an AMOLED display in the foldable smartphone, that is thin and can be folded *hundreds or thousands of times*. And the good news is, it is ready for mass production in the coming weeks.

As the tech is called – Infinity Flex Display, is the whole new direction for the Samsung smartphones and the Android platform. This device from Samsung uses the Infinity Flex Display having a 7.3-inch panel that is designed to be folded in half in vertically, and the fold happens inward so that the display is protected while the device is folded. There is also a cover display on the outside of the one half, that will be used when the device is folded shut.

A source from the Samsung has emphasized on the fact that the phone uses the technology and a mechanism that can be folded a million times, thanks to the new screen covering and thinner overall display components that can handle the tight bend without breaking.

One UI Interface For Foldables

In addition to the unveiling of the Infinity Flex Display, the Samsung also revealed the One UI Interface – that is actually a plan for a cleaner Android skin. This new look will not only feature a new refreshed design with rounded corners in its icons but also, it will come with the support for foldable screens.

Samsung Galaxy F with 360° Moving Display - More Than a Foldable Phone!

Samsung and Google, both worked closely in order to create an interface that is minimalist in its design and tailored for the foldable devices and we think, they have been successful in offering easy one-handed operation at all times. But, at the same time, as you unfold the screen, the UI seamlessly transitions into an almost tablet-like device giving you more freedom to multitask.

We are not sure when this phone is going to hit the market shelves, but Samsung has just announced that it will “arrive soon”.

Video: Samsung Displayed Its Upcoming Foldable Phone Cum Phablet | frank-tyler-samsung-fan-club

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