Review: Ticwatch Pro Dual Screen Smartwatch Works with Samsung Phones

When it comes to quality smartwatches, we only have a handful of options – it is either an Apple Watch or Samsung Gear Support. Apple Watch works for the Apple devices and Samsung Gear Support works for Samsung and Android devices, it is that simple. But fortunately, we have another addition of the Android smartwatch in the Android family and it is quite a worthwhile.

Yep, we are talking about the Ticwatch Pro by Mobvoi. It is quite possible that you haven’t heard of this company and the smartwatch till now and that is the reason we are here to introduce it for your Samsung Galaxy Phones. So scroll down and see what the watch has got for you.

Ticwatch Pro – A Dual Screen Smartwatch for Samsung Galaxy Phones

TicWatch Pro Review: The Smartwatch With Two Screens

For those who don’t know, Mobvoi is a Chinese brand that has a line of products called Ticwatch devices and Ticwatch Pro is the most premium product of this company to date. The Ticwatch Pro being the most premium device of Mobvoi features total new high-end design, with some clever technology to minimize the battery consumption and the revolutionary dual-screen technology. It is just a cherry on the top.


Ticwatch Pro Dual Screen Smartwatch
Here’s everything that makes Ticwatch Pro a better smartwatch than Samsung Gear Support for Samsung Galaxy devices:

1: Minimalist Design

Smartwatch is something that you don’t often buy. And when you do, you make sure that it is understated, simple and looks gorgeous with everything you wear. That is what the company understands and developed the Ticwatch Pro that features the minimalist design with a graceful black leather strap. The silver bezel looks great and is attached to a reinforced nylon body. There are two oversized buttons on the side which is tailored to control the Wear OS software. The watch is exceptionally comfortable, sweat resistant and decently attractive that makes it quite durable for the longer and rogue use.

2: Dual Screen

Here comes the most futuristic feature of the Ticwatch Pro – the dual-screen. Both the screens on the Ticwatch Pro are stacked on the top of each other. The lower screen is a 1.39-inch, 400 x 400 pixel OLED panel that shows Google’s Wear OS, and above it is a special Film compensated Super Twisted Nematic (FSTN) LCD panel that shows the same basic information you’d expect to see on Wear OS’s Ambient display. The LCD of the watch is quite cool and it displays time in big, classic digital style, along with the date, step count, and a battery life meter. Just like AOD of the latest Samsung devices, the Ticwatch Pro is always-on, so there’s no wait to see the time.

3: Impressive Battery Life

The best part of the Ticwatch Pro is that it features two modes – the Smart Mode and the battery saving Essential Mode. Mobvoi plans to make the watch more useful in Essential Mode because the device’s health sensors are still active even if the smart display is not.


Other features of the app include excellent performance and every other important feature that you would expect from a smartwatch – notifications, apps, and solid fitness-tracking features, plus the same on-board GPS and heart rate sensor but at a much cheaper rate.


So what do you guys think of the Ticwatch Pro by Mobvoi? Is it worth buying or not?

Review: Ticwatch Pro Dual Screen Smartwatch Works with Samsung Phones | frank-tyler-samsung-fan-club

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