Mini Truly Wireless Surround Sound Galaxy S10 Earbuds

Samsung had launched its very own Gear X Pure Wireless Earbuds that offer great sound quality, built-in storage of 4GB and a fitness tracker. But that costs around $200 which seems really expensive deal, for the person who just need it for listening music. Today while I was searching to get some great Wireless Earbuds for Samsung Galaxy S10, I just found a one from Lesoom, that is Bluetooth 4.1 supported and it looks very similar to Gear X.

Lesoom Mini Wireless Earbuds For Samsung Galaxy S10 Edge

Music quality over Lesoom Mini Wireless Earbuds is way too clear and has a solid bass. It is indeed very good for my GYM routine, where I don’t want wires to surround me. It’s price was around $60, though at the moment company is offering them for only $46. 

Mini Truly Wireless Surround Sound Galaxy S10 Earbuds | Truly-Wireless-Earbuds-Samsung-Galaxy-S7-Edge

You have the option to control sound tracks from your earbuds. And it also possess high quality noise cancellation mic for crystal clear voice calling function. You can use these earbuds not only with your Samsung Galaxy S10, but you are free to use them with any Android or iOS smartphone having bluetooth function. I am just enjoying their build quality and great music with bass.

These truly wireless tiny earbuds are available in two colors that are Aqua and Red. Order them before the $14 discount period is over.

1. Order Aqua Lesoom Mini Wireless Earbuds 2. Order Red Lesoom Mini Wireless Earbuds

Mini Truly Wireless Surround Sound Galaxy S10 Earbuds | frank-tyler-samsung-fan-club

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