Candleman Fantasy Game for Samsung Galaxy S10+ | S8 Plus | S9 Plus

When it comes to gaming, the first thing that comes to mind is entertainment. Based on the entertainment level, we have picked the one extraordinary game for you that will keep you stick to your mobile screens for hours. Yep, we are talking about the Candleman, a fantasy game that is finally available on the Play Store, after a year of ruling over the PC and consoles.

Candleman Fantasy Game for Samsung Galaxy S10+ | S8 Plus | S9 Plus | candle-man-game-android-samsung-galaxy-s7-edge-s8-plus-s9-plus-note-8

Candleman for Samsung Galaxy S10+ | S8 Plus | S9 Plus

If you also want to get fantasized by the fantasy of Candleman, fasten your seat belts and set back, because this is going to be really interesting.

Officially from CMGE developers, Candleman is a full-movement platforming game that brings really cool mechanics and a great gameplay for the entertainment seekers. After getting it downloaded, you will feel that the game just oozes charm left and right.

In this game, you play as a candle who is sentient and doesn’t know who he is and why he is on fire. After coming to life, the candle was left alone in the very dark place to find a place which is bright and lit. And the twist of the game is that you only have ten seconds of total light up time and in this limited time, you have to find your way out.

This interesting gameplay brings lots of amazing features and mechanics that you need to check. Here we have rounded up some of its amazing aspects:

1: Amazing Level Designs

The level designs of the game are really interesting and full of colors. Unfortunately, you only have 10 seconds to get amuse of the beauty and charm of the level design. However, in that limited period of 10 seconds, you have to avoid treacherous chasms while guiding Candleman through haunted hallways, enchanted forests and moonlit ponds in search of the distant light.

2: Simple Controls

What’s beautiful about this game is its simple controls with interesting playing mode. You simply have to run around the level using a virtual joystick and swipe up to jump, and holding down on the screen lights your flame. The best part? The best part is that you will get more control over your jumping as the candle’s wax melt.

3: Rich and Varied Challenges

Continuing the same gameplay, you will be provided with different challenges with a varied level of difficulty keeping your interest intact, for hours.

Download Candleman Fantasy Game for Samsung Galaxy S10+ | S8 Plus | S9 Plus

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Developer: Candleman Games
Price: $4.99

In a nutshell, Candleman is an emotional journey of lost and found where you can journey out of the darkness with a little candle looking for light. It is one of the most compellingly beautiful games that you can play for hours on your Samsung Galaxy S10+ | S8 Plus | S9 Plus. Get it downloaded now and thank us later.

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