5 Beautiful & Best Galaxy S10 Weather Apps & Widgets

One of the greatest uses of the Samsung Galaxy 10 Plus is that it predicts weather using it’s built in GPS and internet connectivity. This use of the Samsung Galaxy 10 has made it very easy for us to make our plans according to the weather predictions. Weather apps have revolutionized a lot from that of the first weather app that was used to predict weather conditions.

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Now, the recent weather apps also include the widgets for the quick reference and to avoid the hassle of navigating the whole phone to get the prediction of weather. So, let us look at the 5 Best Galaxy S10 Edge Weather Apps with Widgets.

5 Beautiful & Best Galaxy S10 Weather Apps & Widgets | galaxy_s7_edge-best-weather-apps-widgets-download

Download 5 Best Samsung Galaxy S10 Edge Weather Apps

  1. 1Weather For Samsung Galaxy S10

1 weather is standing on the top of the list not only because it is one of the best weather application on Play Store but also, it is one of the highest rated. The application comes with the basic features like the weather forecast but also with some additional features like weather graphs, precipitation forecast, weather layers, lock screen notifications and also beautiful yet simple widgets. The app comes with the great UI with the live weather backgrounds and dynamic photo backgrounds.

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  1. ASUS Weather For Samsung Galaxy S10

If you are looking for the app with some real feel of weather, then ASUS Weather app is the best option for you. this application is more than juts weather application with some really amazing additional features. The features of this app include RealFeel temperature with guidance daily chart, accurate daily temperature predictions, humidity levels, precipitation depth, sunrise, sunset timing, UV index and much more. Along with all these features, the app also comes with the beautiful widgets that are easily customizable.

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  1. GO Weather Forecast & Widgets For Samsung Galaxy S10

This application is one of the powerful weather apps for the Android users and now you can also download it on your Samsung Galaxy S10. In terms of features, the app stands and run the entire gambit with current weather forecast, weather widget and a lot more. Along with this, the application also offers the lifestyle tips for its users to enhance their experience of the application. Overall, this app is an above average one offering number of amazing features.

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  1. Amber Weather For Samsung Galaxy S10

With this application, you can get current weather and weather forecasts for any location in the world. This app is your personal weather station where you will get all the information regarding the weather of your location along with the 100 plus screen widgets in different sizes and beautiful themes. The application supports over 30 languages and the weather tips are also optimized for your device.

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  1. Weather & Clock Widget Android For Samsung Galaxy S10

Another best application for the weather prediction on the list is Weather and Clock Widget Android that provides the detailed weather observation of your current location. Besides the temperature, the app also provides the current weather condition like relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, visibility distance and precipitation along with some other weather related information. The app comes with the beautiful weather and clock widgets in different sizes.

These are by far best weather application with widgets for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. If we have missed any best one, do let us know in comments.

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