VidTrim Video Editor App APK for Samsung Galaxy S10+

With the advancements in the technology, the smartphones have revolutionized the way we used to live. From the luxury of the past, these Samsung Galaxy Phones have become the need of the hour. These Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus phones provide you ease of doing everything on the go, ranging from taking photos to capturing the memories in a video. There was even a time when video shooting was more of a luxury on mobile devices. Also check out Top 5 Best Video Editing Apps for Samsung Galaxy S10+.

VidTrim Video Editor App APK for Samsung Galaxy S10+ | VidTrim-Video-Editor-App-APK-for-Samsung-Galaxy-S7-Edge-S8-Plus

However, now smartphones can even allow you to edit your captured video using one app or another. VidTrim is the app that can help the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus users to do the same with their video.

VidTrim – One of the Best Video Editing App For Samsung Galaxy S10+

VidTrim is such a popular video editing and video organizing application available on the Play Store that can help the users to edit, change or even make their videos more presentable and appealing. The app is available free and also in the pro version that allows some extravagant features that are not available in the free version.

Here are the features supported in both the versions of VidTrim:

1: Video Trimming on the Go

There is always a part of the video that is unwanted and you want to trim or remove that off so that you can enjoy your video without any interruption. But without any video trimming software, this thing is kind of difficult. Thanks to VidTrim that offers the video trimming feature on the go so that you don’t have to get a separate app for the purpose.

2: Merge Multiple Video Clips into One

Another best feature that you can get with the VidTrim is the video merging feature that allows you to merge multiple videos into a single video. So if you want to recall your favorite moments of life within a single video of 3 – 4 minutes, this feature comes handy.

3: The Frame Grabber is a New Thing

There is also a frame grabber that is provided by VidTrim, that will let the users pick a frame for each and every second in the video. So if you want to display a thumbnail or want to share the only exact moment of the video with your friends or family, then this app has definitely got you covered.

4: Tons of Effects to Try

In order to make your videos appealing and lot more fun, the VidTrim offers the FX feature that allows the users to add the fun and beautifying effects to their video clips, just like the photo editing effects. There is a great collection of effects that will help you to enhance your videos without any hassle.

5: Convert your Video Files to Mp3 and Much More

VidTrim is everything that you need in your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus to enhance your videos. As this being said, the VidTrim offers the option to convert your favorite video clip into Mp3 files.

Download VidTrim Video Editor App APK for Samsung Android

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Developer: Goseet
Price: Free
VidTrim Video Editor App APK for Samsung Galaxy S10+ | chart?cht=qr&
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Developer: Goseet
Price: $2.99

So if you have your favorite song in the video format, you can extract the audio from it and convert it into mp3 format. Not only this, the app comes with the best user interface and lots of other features that you definitely don’t want to miss.

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