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The introduction of the iPhone X in the market, on Apple’s 10 year’s anniversary, leads to tons of questions that are impossibly difficult for everyone to answer. Ranging from which one to choose? Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus? Or iPhone X? The users are stuck with which one is the best phone to purchase. Also make sure to check out the Difference between iPhone X and Galaxy Note 8.

Video: Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus vs. Apple iPhone X | samsung-galaxy-s8-plus-vs-apple-iphone-x

So we are here to clear your confusion with the side by side comparison of both the flagships down below.

iPhone X vs. Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus – Which One To Choose?

Without any further ado, let’s check the iPhone X specs-wise with its universal competitor, Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus:

1: Size and Display

Being the bigger sibling of the Samsung Galaxy S8, the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is larger than the new iPhone X. With the size of 143.6mm, iPhone X is a fair bit shorter and even thinner than the Samsung’s Phablet. The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus offers a size of 160mm. So, if you are looking for a larger phone, opt for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus.

As far as the display of both the phones is concerned, for the first time, iPhone X is backed up with the glass body, while its competitor uses the glass on front and back framed with aluminum.

2: Color Options

Video: Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus vs. Apple iPhone X | apple-iphone-x-vs-galaxy-s8-vs-galaxy-s8-plus

When selecting the smartphone, the first thing that most of the users look is its color options. While Apple sticks to classy and understated shades of grey and silver, Samsung offers the seamless hues of gold and blue. Which one do you prefer?

3: Performance

The Galaxy phone is powered by the Samsung’s own Qualcomm’s latest and greatest Snapdragon processors, while iPhone X is running the Apple’s newest chip called, A11 Bionic. The A11, for the first time, has been integrated with GPU, that is there to boost the device’s graphical grunt for games. If you are a gaming nerd, here’s your best option.

4: Battery Capacity

Although Apple does not use the mAh criteria in its phones’ battery, but this time, the iPhone X opts the 2716 mAh capacity that is too low in the straight numbers game. While, on the other hand, its competitor opts for the larger battery option of 3500mAh. However, according to the users, due to the Apple’s efficient operating system, iPhone X go toe-to-toe with the competition.

5: Cameras

The real competition lies here. Both the competitors have got the same sheer MP count – 12 MP, but Apple’s front-facing camera dubbed as TrueDepth can sense face in 3 Dimensions and has few other tricks that can beat the cameras of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus.

6: Price

With the eye-wateringly high price tag, iPhone X is considered to be a premium phone that comes with the range of $999.00 to $1,149.00, while the Samsung phone comes with the price range of $724.99 to $989.02.

iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S8+ Full Comparison

iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S8: Full Comparison

iPhone X vs Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus - Full Comparison

Not only this, both the smartphones features loudspeaker, proximity sensor, Accelerometer, Barometer, Compass, Gyroscope and a generous storage of 64GB. That you can expand in Samsung phone, but not in the iPhone. Now you are set to choose the one that fits your needs.

Video: Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus vs. Apple iPhone X | frank-tyler-samsung-fan-club

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