Real Waterproof Test Video of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Since Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge are Samsung’s waterproof mobile phones. S7 Fan Club has conducted a short test to proof whether Galaxy S7 Edge is really waterproof or not? Samsung claims that Galaxy S7 or Edge can survive for more than 30 minutes inside the water (having IP68 rating for water and dust resistance) and you can take pictures inside swimming pool with your waterproof samsung galaxy s7 or edge.

In our test video we have observed that touch screen functions of Samsung Galaxy S7 edge do not work inside the water and fingerprint sensor doesn’t work either inside the water. Though after sometime when the moisture is totally evaporated the phone starts working perfectly and everything works as good as it was working before.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Waterproof Test Video

Let’s have a look at our waterproof video test of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Real Waterproof Test Video Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge -

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