Weight Loss Fitness App for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

The best thing you can do for your body is to get it in the shape and then staying in the shape. Everyone wants to have the best killer body, nowadays, and no wonder there are tons of fitness apps available on the Play Store for all those fitness freaks. Also check out Top 5 Best Health & Fitness Apps for Samsung Galaxy S7 | S8 | S9 Plus.

Weight Loss Fitness App for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus – Your Ultimate Fitness App

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So if you can’t go to gym and workout due to your busy schedule, Weight Loss Fitness App has got you covered. Get this app on your Samsung Galaxy S7, S8 Plus or S9 Plus for the ideal figure that you always dream of.


Dreaming of getting an ideal body? Want to have those celeb fit bodies? Weight Loss Fitness Body is the key. This app not only provides you with your daily fitness motivation but also provides you with the daily smart workout plan, all that you need for your ideal body. Not only this, the app also includes succinct and useful tips that will help you learn how to lose weight fast and burn those extra pounds off. The other key features included in this app are:

1: Targets your Trouble Zones

Apart from the full body exercise and workouts, the weight loss fitness app helps you target your trouble zones that have got all those stubborn extra fat. Whether it’s your thighs, hips, legs or belly fat, the app offers you smart workout plans for targeted body fat and get slim AF!

2: Training Based on Your Personal Goals

Don’t have time to go to the gym? Don’t have resources to buy that expensive workout equipment? Don’t worry, because this app offers the best workout plans based on your goals and equipment. There are home based workouts that you can carry out in order to get the visible results within just a matter of weeks.

3: Short and Easy Guided Workouts

The app has got various sessions for your workout. If you have only 5 minutes to free from your busy schedule, no worries because fitness workout sessions start from only 6 minutes a day. So that you can workout at home, save your time and stay fit! People with Diabetes Type 1 or Type 2 should use such apps to monitor Diabetes Fat Loss.

4: More than 70 Exercises for Men and Women

Whether you are Mr. or Mrs. The weight loss fitness app has got you covered. The app has got more than 70 exercises for both men and women, ranging from abdominal crunches to burpee, from plank to squats, the app has got every kind of fitness exercise that you need.

5: Fitness Motivation

Apart from audio and video workout guides, the app also offers the fitness motivation that you need in order to keep you motivated to work out. This is provided in the form of motivational workout music, smart reminders, detailed weight loss progress report and stats, detailed training stats and useful weight loss tips and guides.

Download Weight Loss Fitness App for Samsung Galaxy S10 Mobile Phones

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Developer: Verv Inc
Price: Free



Not only this, the app also features the calorie counter and activity tracker to keep you informed of your fitness. It is available in 10 different languages. So get this app downloaded on your Samsung Galaxy devices!

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