Samsung Galaxy S7 vs. Apple iPhone 7 – Best Features Compared

The war between the Samsung and Apple continues with the introduction of the iPhone 7 in the markets, this month. Earlier this year, Samsung Galaxy S7 was released, and earlier this month, always its competitive, iPhone 7 got place in the shelves of market. No doubt, each smartphone is equipped with its best features, but the questions remains – which one is best? iPhone 7 or Galaxy S7?

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iPhone 6S vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: Which One Is Better?

With the Release of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, there starts the new debate about which one’s better, iPhone 6S or Galaxy S7 Edge? Selecting the smartphone for purchase is not that easy task that it was used to be once. The markets are loaded with the number of brands out of which only two leading … Read more

Video: Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus vs. Apple iPhone X

The introduction of the iPhone X in the market, on Apple’s 10 year’s anniversary, leads to tons of questions that are impossibly difficult for everyone to answer. Ranging from which one to choose? Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus? Or iPhone X? The users are stuck with which one is the best phone to purchase. Also make sure to check out the Difference between iPhone X and Galaxy Note 8.

Video: Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus vs. Apple iPhone X | samsung-galaxy-s8-plus-vs-apple-iphone-x

So we are here to clear your confusion with the side by side comparison of both the flagships down below.

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Samsung Beats Apple in USA With Galaxy S7 & Edge

Samsung’s recent ride on results these last few years has been a right roller coaster. Having cemented its dominance in the Android market place very early on, the electronics giant began to falter with its Galaxy S5 hardware in 2014. Things began to improve with the S6 last year. 2016 however, is proving to be a proper return to form thanks to the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge.

Samsung Beats Apple in USA With Galaxy S7 & Edge | samsung-beats-apple-in-usa

Following last month’s quarterly earnings report which proved to be higher than expected, Samsung has another win under its belt: market dominance in the USA. The news comes courtesy of Counterpoint Research, a Hong Kong-based firm that studies the industry. It found that in March, Samsung had obtained 28.8% of sales in the US smartphone market, making it the first time in 11 months – i.e. April 2015 – since it occupied the coveted leading position.

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