[2021] List of 5 Best Android Mini TV Boxes with Kodi Streaming for Samsung TV

Looking to get the best smart TV experience? We have you covered. An Android TV box not only allows you to watch your fav TV show, whenever you want and wherever you want but it also provides more than just smart viewing. It allows you to keep pace with everything that has been happening around you, enables you to read the news, shop the goods, browse online, send emails, play games and so on.

Yet despite all, they come in the form of small boxes that are generally not very tall and not very wide. So here’s a list of the best Android Smart TV Boxes for streaming with your Samsung device.

Best Android Mini TV Boxes with Kodi Streaming for Samsung TV


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Kodi Media Player for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge | S8+ | S9+

When it comes to entertainment on the board, you have tons of Media Centre applications available on the Google Play Store. Among those Media Centre apps, you have certainly heard of Kodi. Tough, you might not have heard good things about it, but it has surely proved to be so popular among the people. The software has always been in the headlines because of controversial ‘fully-loaded Kodi boxes’, but, it is a best-of-breed solution that is entirely free and flexible.

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