Samsung Galaxy S8 / Plus: 6 Interesting Features that You Need To Know

Fortunately, the new lineup in the Galaxy S Family is almost available. You can really get to enjoy your own brand new phone with the full line of features. Both the upcoming superphones – Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are both lovely and are packed with some interesting set of features that will leave you stunned.

Don’t worry; we have got all the details that you need to know about the Samsung’s new flagship.

Get To Know Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus

As it is already disclosed that there are two versions of Samsung Galaxy S8, you might not believe that these two versions of the South Korean Giant have reached the ridiculous height in the S-line, even before their introduction in the market.

The standard version of S8 offers 5.8 inches screen with the bezel-less display and fully curved edges. On the other hand, the second version of Galaxy’s new flagship, S8 Plus, offers a larger display of 6.2 inches. Besides the difference in the screen sizes, the two phones have different battery lives and oh the prices as well. Based on these 3 features only, you can decide which version you to buy.

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Review of Gear S3 Frontier & Classic Smart Watch for Galaxy S10+ / S9+

Though smartwatches haven’t got that much progression in technological terms, but still, we have best smartwatches out there to use. I am talking about the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier and S3 Classic that owns by the leading Android developer all across the Globe – Samsung. It makes uses of its own proprietary software, Tizen for Gear Smartwatches. Make sure to check out List of Top 5 Best Smart Watches for Galaxy S10+.

What else these Gear smartwatches by Samsung hold? Read on to know.

Review of Gear S3 Frontier & Classic Smart Watch for Galaxy S10+ / S9+ | Samsung-Gear-S3-Classic-Frontier-Smart-Watch-Review

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier for Galaxy S10+ / S9+

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How to Enable Camera Beauty Mode on Galaxy S7 / S8 with Nougat?

No doubt we spend more time starring our pictures in Galaxy S7 / S8 smartphones than ourselves in mirror. That is the reason why the newer update in Nougat have enabled the beauty mode by default that we can achieve in our Galaxy S7, S7 Edge and S8 as well.

How to Enable Camera Beauty Mode on Galaxy S7 / S8 with Nougat? | galaxy-s7-camera-beauty-mode

Well, this feature was much needed in the rear cameras of our phones as the demand for the beauty apps increased that congested the Play Store like no other app category. Fortunately, Samsung, the developer of Android Nougat firmware for Galaxy S7 / S8 has understood the need and upgraded the camera with the beauty mode that can make the face look shinier and blemish free. Moreover, this feature also allows the users to change their skin tone in both front and rear cameras. We had also covered How To Enable Tap to Take Selfie Picture on Galaxy S7 / S8 with Nougat?

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How To Customize Galaxy S7 / S8 Plus Always On Display (AOD)?

Always On Display of the Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus and S7 Edge is the most prominent and most highlighted feature that has got the attention of the tech enthusiasts globally. This rating of the Always On Display of these smartphones is because of the fact that even the screen is off, it isn’t really off.

How To Customize Galaxy S7 / S8 Plus Always On Display (AOD)? | samsung-galaxy-s8-plus-always-on-display

The Always On Display feature can show the useful information to the user at a glance so that they do not have to turn their phone “On” to check the notifications etc. It is a neat tool that can be customized further to get the most of the things out of it. So, if you have got one phone with Always On Display, here’s how you can use and customize it.

Customizing Always On Display on Galaxy S8 Plus / S7 Edge

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Galaxy Note 7 Is Permanently Dead, Samsung Discontinued It

We had shared several articles, in which we had discussed about Galaxy Note 7 Explosions due to it’s battery issues. There are 100+ cases being reported by several Galaxy Note 7 users across the world. Their Galaxy Note 7 got exploded. Samsung had issued a global recall of all Galaxy Note 7 devices, then they had fixed the apparent problem with Galaxy Note 7 battery.Galaxy Note 7 Is Permanently Dead, Samsung Discontinued It | samsung-note-7-exploded-burned-discontinued

Despite of fixing the battery explosion issue. Samsung started to provide fixed replacement Galaxy Note 7 devices. The replacement / fixed Galaxy Note 7 devices didn’t stop exploding. Samsung had to face the loss of 17 Billion US Dollars due to this big problem. Now Samsung had no other choice except to Permanently Discontinue the Production of Galaxy Note 7.

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Samsung Secure Folder Offers Private Space for Galaxy S7 / S8 Apps & Files

Although there are apps available on the Play Store that can help the Android users to hide the pictures, gallery or some sensitive data. However, the security of those apps was not that much reliable. Regarding the problem, Samsung has recently launched the Secure Folder for the Galaxy S7 / S8 that offers a robust security solution letting the users hide their valuable and sensitive data, without any fear of losing and foreign intruding.

Wondering what’s Secure Folder? Read on to know the complete detail about the Secure Folder.


Understanding Secure Folder Private Space for Samsung Galaxy S7 / S8

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